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File: HideTalkingHead06-17-16
however would it be possible if you...
Posted By: Ketho
however would it be possible if you (or someone else more expertly knowledgeable) changes this addon to ~move~ the talkhead head rather than remove it completely? MoveAnything should be able to do that, once it's updated for Legion I haven't tried making it movable, don't have much experience with that, but I will give it a go
File: Decliner06-17-16
Hey :) http://i.imgur.com/oA3cce...
Posted By: Ketho
Hey :) http://i.imgur.com/oA3ccemm.jpg
File: Plater Nameplates05-23-16
There seems to be a bug with the Co...
Posted By: Ketho
There seems to be a bug with the CompactRaidFrames with Plater (v1.3) enabled The unit frames will become almost completely white, except for the buffs/debuffs overlay (It also happens if you use Raid-Style Party Frames while in a party) https://gfycat.com/IndolentPiercingAphid
File: Plater Nameplates05-20-16
In hindsight, I like the Friz Quadr...
Posted By: Ketho
In hindsight, I like the Friz Quadrata TT font more now. It's more readable than Arial Narrow, at the cost of questionmarked Russian/Chinese/Korean names. Just a heads up it's hard to find an option that pleases everyone, maybe it should be depending on the locale what the default font is.
File: Plater Nameplates05-19-16
Hey Tercio it looks nice, I will tr...
Posted By: Ketho
Hey Tercio it looks nice, I will try it :) But why is this addon in the Beta-version instead of Legion Beta category? I only know about this addon because you posted it on the official forums. I noticed the font doesnt show russian (and maybe chinese/korean too), is there a way to choose an unicode font? Edit: Never mind, I f...
File: ConsolePort10-20-15
What do you think about support for...
Posted By: Ketho
What do you think about support for Steam Controller? :)
File: HideRaidFrame09-04-15
Note to self: leaked global msgstat...
Posted By: Ketho
Note to self: leaked global msgstate in v1.6 line 75
File: HideCountdown12-28-14
Works like a charm. Possible to als...
Posted By: Ketho
Works like a charm. Possible to also hide the bar? edit : I think I made it work via function StartTimer_BigNumberOnUpdate(...) end good to hear :)
File: KethoCombatLog10-11-14
damn, you are right, i have that ad...
Posted By: Ketho
damn, you are right, i have that addon as well ... will check next time with juke disabled, sorry for wasting your time :( np, I appreciate feedback. It makes me think my addon isn't dead yet :)
File: KethoCombatLog10-11-14
looks like some interrupts are repo...
Posted By: Ketho
looks like some interrupts are reported twice If the interrupts are reported twice, then I would think it's a problem with the Blizzard CombatLog I will need a /combatlog dump during those double reported interrupts, otherwise I can't find the problem By any chance... do you also have the addon Juke installed? I noticed the...
File: KethoCombatLog10-10-14
Re: Stuns?
Posted By: Ketho
Maybe I am missing the setting or maybe it is not there. Can your addon also announce stuns such as mighty bash? No, it can't announce stuns :(
File: RaidFadeMore09-25-14
Whenever I have time (almost never)...
Posted By: Ketho
Whenever I have time (almost never) I will add a slider for the fading animation duration. It currently is hardcoded to 0.5 seconds
File: RaidFadeMore08-10-14
Thank you!! Happy to hear that :)
Posted By: Ketho
Thank you!! Happy to hear that :)
File: Juke06-21-14
areyouawizard.jpg No, seriously....
Posted By: Ketho
areyouawizard.jpg No, seriously. There was a little error, but it worked nicely afterwards. for func, delay in pairs(timers) do delay = delay - elapsed I changed it a bit, I'm happy with this :) local timers = {} local Timer = CreateFrame("Frame") Timer:Hide() function Timer:New(func, delay) timers = delay -- add...
File: Juke06-20-14
Sorry for the late reply, Phanx. I...
Posted By: Ketho
Sorry for the late reply, Phanx. I guess I'm not doing this right :p I'm going to just use those individual variables (from line 307) then. It sure is a lot easier. No idea why I wanted to pack and unpack the vararg in the first place :S it just looked so neat~ Actually ... I shamelessly stole the code from http://lua-users.o...
File: KethoInstanceTimer06-17-14
Just a reminder for myself, I switc...
Posted By: Ketho
Just a reminder for myself, I switched the Normal and Heroic scenario difficulty IDs in v1.3 /facepalm
File: KethoCombatLog04-10-14
Thanks for maintaining despite not...
Posted By: Ketho
Thanks for maintaining despite not actively playing ! :) No problem Pangentor :3 Update 2014.04.10: I made an error. The whole death tracking is kinda broken. Fix incoming in v1.17 :( Update 2014.04.17: I made another error. Battleground channel is not filtered again (for party/raid output). Fix will be included in v1.18 and later
File: HideRaidFrame04-10-14
Re: Font
Posted By: Ketho
Hey, a quick question: What font do you use for the name of your addon in the picture? Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work! Very late reply... I think it's Calibri or this chinese one http://i.imgur.com/aq4qG.png
File: FasterCamera12-17-13
Re: Love it!
Posted By: Ketho
Thank you so much! This makes using the camera in WoW so much better. I love it! :) I also love this addon :)
File: BlockChinese12-17-13
Why unblock Japanese and Korean? Ye...
Posted By: Ketho
Why unblock Japanese and Korean? Yeah, the game's fallback to Unicode fonts works for those, but it also works for Chinese, and it's equally inelegant for all three scripts (it's about half the size of normal chat text). Plus, I can't read any of those languages, so there's not really any point in displaying messages written in them....
File: ReadySetDing11-24-13
Could you add an option to show you...
Posted By: Ketho
Could you add an option to show your own ding on the middle of the screen as well? I don't really like that you're forced to yell it out loud ;-] That option already exists. It's under the Screenshot tab, called "Raid Warning"'. 9 days late reply.
File: AutoConfirmRoll (obsolete)09-18-13
Hey, I can't seem to get it to wo...
Posted By: Ketho
Hey, I can't seem to get it to work after I patched the game for 5.4 Shouldn't it auto DE in the example below? http://i.imgur.com/r7yLduN.jpg Happened a few more times with greens. Hey ckramme, No .. this addon does not auto roll, or auto DE The only thing it does is auto confirm so you won't get that annoying popup asking...
File: OpenDefaultBag09-03-13
What font are you using on the imag...
Posted By: Ketho
What font are you using on the image? Sorry for the 1 week late reply I think it's this one (quote) That's actually some huge chinese font I got from Office Word 2007 which I'm using as arialn.ttf I don't know what would be the "western characters" counterpart, sorry .. :( http://i.imgur.com/aq4qG.png
File: HideRaidFrame06-08-13
My problem is that I really dislike...
Posted By: Ketho
My problem is that I really dislike giving up simple access to the raidleader functions the Blizzard RaidManager provides(setting raidicons both in the world an on units, performing role- and readychecks as well as giving everyone assist with a simple click). I think your addon has Broker Support, any chance you could provide those f...
File: HideRaidFrame05-24-13
Since the v1.1 release, the Hard Di...
Posted By: Ketho
Since the v1.1 release, the Hard Disable option is now enabled by default This will remove any taint, but in turn there is a chance other addons that rely, modify, or also try to disable the Raid Frames will throw errors Please use this script if you want to use the Raid Frames again, in case you removed HideRaidFrame: /ru...