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File: FreeUI08-19-11
Nice UI
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi Haleth, i tyed out your UI yesterday and i wonder if you can tell me what addon you integrated to make the mouseover marking with shift+alt possible - i didn't found a similar addon on wow interface. If its your own addon will you release it please sepperated from the UI? Also i got two problems: I'm playing on a German relam i...
File: Aurora08-19-11
Originally posted by Haleth @ Ton...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Haleth @ Tonyleila; Not seeing this myself, does it happen if only Aurora is loaded? Sorry i tryed it out again last days and i can't reproduce the error myself even i diden't change any addon :confused: Works fine now ;)
File: MapBoss3D08-18-11
Nice addon! Any way to change the s...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Nice addon! Any way to change the size of the 3d models (not the mouseover moddels) via lua editing?
File: Aurora08-14-11
Gear manager
Posted By: Tonyleila
Gear manager (the part that pops up if you mouseover an item while holding down alt key) has an problem: if you have more than 3 items to switch you can't klick them - it won't even show the item tooltip
File: Aurora08-11-11
Originally posted by columnFive H...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by columnFive Having a bit of an issue with tooltips; Aurora insists on skinning them even though I'm already using TipTac for that purpose. I can see that you've put in a pretty comprehensive check for other tooltip skinning addons, however, this check didn't seem to work for me. same here! I'm using FreebTip an...
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)08-11-11
Originally posted by iNva Hi Leil...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by iNva Hi Leila. When I press B to open my bag, all the small bags open as well instead of only open one big bag. Before asking any questions to the UI pls read the FAQ here on my Poral first.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-09-11
Originally posted by Qupe I was w...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Qupe I was wondering if there's an easy way (for someone without great lua knowledge) to have Stuf use different textures for things like raid and leader/looter/combat/etc... icons? you can "replace" the original blizz textures like i did on http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info19980-AuroraMissingTex...
File: PhoenixStyle08-09-11
German localization @ curseforge fi...
Posted By: Tonyleila
German localization @ curseforge finished - update pls :D
File: GnomishVendorShrinker08-04-11
Can you pleas fix the Search box th...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Can you pleas fix the Search box that overlaps the money display at some Vendors. Maybe just hide the money frame. Everyone can see money in the bags... http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/7643/gvsb1.jpg
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)08-02-11
Version 3.16
Posted By: Tonyleila
Version 3.16 is out now! NEW: You don't have to load the reflux LeilaUI profil any more just load your class pofil directly. Also you don't need to move the Threat bar any more to the right position... just hide it with /btb hide In future versions i'll try to make it much easier to instell LeilaUI so you don't have to hide the thr...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures08-01-11
v 1.89 - for Aurora 3.1.3
Posted By: Tonyleila
In v 1.89 i skinned some parts of the calender and added Quest Icons (color changed). preview: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/9365/amtmap.jpg http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/3850/aucal.jpg
File: PhoenixStyle07-29-11
Is this right that i download this...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Is this right that i download this Version: 1.553 here but when i open the *.toc file says its ## Version: 1.551 ?
File: Aurora07-25-11
Originally posted by Haleth I've...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Haleth I've given the achievement UI a complete makeover for the next version, I think it looks quite good (and it was needed, too) Thanks the achievement UI looks realy cool now - i only miss the mouseover highlight :o Also i found one more problem - every time i come out the arena the "leave gost free"...
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)07-23-11
Version 3.15
Posted By: Tonyleila
Version 3.15 is out now! If there is something not working fine especially with the new buff mod Raven please report it here!
File: Aurora07-23-11
EDIT: Guild Roster has some black b...
Posted By: Tonyleila
EDIT: Guild Roster has some black boxes in it any ideas? http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/4402/grex.jpg Originally posted by Arxae How do you switch to the dark background? that one looks like it might help me out alot :D Well thats just the Horde AH... i diden't change anything But if you want a darker background go to au...
File: Aurora07-22-11
Originally posted by Arxae I love...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Arxae I love the new button skins, but i allways found the transparency hard to read. Any chance to toggle that so i only have the button skins? :D Whats hard to read now? Here is a sreenshot on dark/light background i think they are both good to read! http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/5060/lightdark.jpg...
File: MikScrollingBattleText07-22-11
Re: Vampiric Touch
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by shomaly How can I setup msbt in order to "Vampiric Touch" alert me when it finished or it will be ready to cast newly? Come on you shoud cast Vampiric Touch 1,5-2 sec. before it expires! It shoud be on the target permanently!
File: Aurora07-22-11
Posted By: Tonyleila
New version is awesome! I like the buttons and glow now! I'm also using acp so here is a framestack: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/746/fsacp.jpg EDIT: Can you also hide \Interface\ACHIEVEMENTFRAM\UI-Achievement-RightDDLInset.blp ? You'll see it on the top right when opening the Achievement window and pess one of the butt...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures07-22-11
v 1.87
Posted By: Tonyleila
In version 1.87 I reskinned the gear manager and add the new aurora buttons. preview gear manager: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/8532/gearmang.jpg and new Buttons: http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/4724/addonsaur.jpg
File: BigWigs Bossmods07-21-11
Thanks align works fine - but the t...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thanks align works fine - but the text is still not cut off at the right point it overlaps the timer.
File: BigWigs Bossmods07-18-11
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hey i'm not shure if my request on the "Feature List" reached anyone so I'll post it here too: 1. Woud be great to have an option to make a spacing between the timer bars they are sticking together to close for me... 2. An option to align the text I woud be great! I like to have the text left-aligned instead of centred. (shoud be...
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)07-14-11
You'll have to wait a few more days...
Posted By: Tonyleila
You'll have to wait a few more days for Version 3.15 - im currently working together with Tojaso to improve the Raven buff mod so that i can replace it with SBF! Thanks for your patience!
File: RaidSlackCheck07-14-11
Can you add "Announce when a mage d...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Can you add "Announce when a mage drops a Table with food/drinks" (Ritual of Refreshment) ?
File: EJ Smaller Map Buttons07-12-11
Originally posted by Dridzt I pro...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Dridzt I probably could but aren't those small enough already? No :D I think they are too big coud be 10-20% smaller. I'm reskinning the UI-QuestPoi-NumberIcons and the IconGlow for my Aurora Missing Textures plugin... but thats realy much work so maybe it woud be easier with an Addon like this :)
File: EJ Smaller Map Buttons07-11-11
Thank you nice Addon! Woud it be al...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thank you nice Addon! Woud it be also possible to make the quest buttons smaller?