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File: BG Assist Build 12539- DJFreia Edition01-27-11
Re: Re: A little information...
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Originally posted by voodoodad Agreed. I've recently started doing BG's again, and I need all the assistance I can get, but the problem is I have no IDEA what your addon does. Even your screenshot doesn't help... Sorry for the necro job here but I was interested also in what it does since it was so marvelously described on...
File: RDX01-18-11
Chat box changes
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First off I have tried this setup, and found it extremely appealing, with different oobe configuration and one thing I was not able to figure out ( even after attempting to search ) was changing the chat font size. This chat font size I tried to change via different means and it never affected the on screen size of the font, which b...
File: Show My DPS09-30-10
Fails to load...
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upon entering game. Reloading the ui makes it load but gives this error Message: Interface\AddOns\ShowMyDPS\ShowMyDPS.lua:84: unexpected symbol near '=' Time: 09/30/10 22:01:13 Count: 1 Stack: Locals: Hopefully not a big issue to fix as I would really like to try this out.