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File: Ancillary10-17-10
Sorry fabulous moderator, I forgot...
Posted By: BDelacroix
Sorry fabulous moderator, I forgot to click the "works with 4.0.1" check box. So I had to resubmit.
File: Trapper06-30-10
Curse and stuff
Posted By: BDelacroix
I have started putting my addons on curse. Now that the NDA is lifted I can say I have plans to put the trap launcher on this addon to go with the release of the expansion.
File: Ancillary06-30-10
This still works with 3.3.5. I hav...
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This still works with 3.3.5. I have been forming ideas on how to handle a mount button. That will need to wait until I have a laptop that can actually run wow.
File: DaHud Drathal06-30-10
A couple of things.
Posted By: BDelacroix
I have started putting my addons on curse. They finally fixed the issue with it not recognizing new files. Also, I have finally bitten the bullet and changed to icehud. Too many changes came along to where it was easier to just make a custom dhud like layout with Icehud.
File: Trapper12-08-09
Originally posted by Lery Any cha...
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Originally posted by Lery Any chance you can start adding in some of the features that ZhunterMod has? He has left the game, and his addon saved my bars a ton of space. I am not familiar with zhuntermod but if I see something I like sure. BTW- still can't seem to get curse to identify my uploaded files. I may have to delet...
File: Trapper09-19-09
Regardless of the addon updated one...
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Regardless of the addon updated one uses, this addon hasn't changed functionality or code in a long time. It does what it was meant to do. Which is a good thing :) so you aren't missing any updates.
File: wDaHud09-19-09
Hello all. This hasn't been forg...
Posted By: BDelacroix
Hello all. This hasn't been forgotten. There are other hud mods out there and this one now is showing its age. I have worked out some of the bugs but not all. Essentially what I have on my computer is a working version with ignorable errors. If something significant comes up I'll upload a fix.
File: Mundunugu Caddy09-19-09
Things To Come
Posted By: BDelacroix
Hi all. Given the changes to the shaman interface, Mundunugu Caddy isn't as necessary as it once was (to me). However, I do find that I'd like quick access to some shaman spells that I'd otherwise have to make a button bar for. I'm working out how I want to change the caddy around and I am thinking that it will be more like mi...
File: wDaHud04-17-09
I don't know what to say, I haven't...
Posted By: BDelacroix
I don't know what to say, I haven't been able to duplicate the errors. Aside from that, this isn't a rewrite, this is just a make-it-work write. So I'll do what I can when I can. Anyway, fixes coming regarding the UnitBuff() isMine changes.
File: Mundunugu Caddy04-17-09
Posted By: BDelacroix
I have fixed this to work with 3.1. It wasn't really broken to begin with, but due to foresight I had placed an error trap in case spells were removed from the game. In this case, 8166 (the poison cure totem) was removed. So while the addon still works, it did report, as intended, that 8166 was missing. I'll upload the update wh...
File: Ancillary02-09-09
Hi all. Thanks for the kind word...
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Hi all. Thanks for the kind words. I have no idea why it wouldn't be working. It should just appear in the middle of the screen the first time you start it up. You click the button and it opens into your professions. You right click and drag it to where you want it.
File: wDaHud02-03-09
Known Bug
Posted By: BDelacroix
I have found and fixed the sorting problem on the buffs/debuffs for this mod. I'll upload a fixed version when I get a chance and have done more testing. Currently the code is on my home computer.
File: Mundunugu Caddy01-21-09
Originally posted by scottigael W...
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Originally posted by scottigael What do u click to activate in game? The four boxes should appear if your current character is a shaman. At level one, they may be empty except for the headers. If you are not on a shaman, the mod quietly turns itself off. Options are available through the in-game options mechanism. That...
File: DaHud Drathal01-21-09
Re: MetaHud getting updated as well
Posted By: BDelacroix
I am back, everyone. I am posting an updated DaHUD to here in a few seconds. I have tried metahud once I think. Like I said, I don't want to farkle around with coding for another HUD that may or may not be abandoned. At least, until keeping the one I do have becomes too much work. Also, this is just a graphic mod. Sure ther...
File: DaHud Drathal10-18-08
Originally posted by biggoofyus t...
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Originally posted by biggoofyus the only similar HUD to DaHud in terms of configuration and use, would be UnderHood, which is found on Curse.com Yes, but I'm tired of working to get a mod the way I like it only for it to be abandoned. Its getting very old.
File: Trapper10-18-08
Originally posted by peewee_sweden...
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Originally posted by peewee_sweden Autobar. 'nuff said. This was helpful how? I'm glad you chose this to be your first post ever. Thank you for your input.
File: Mundunugu Caddy10-17-08
I am going to sound a little like B...
Posted By: BDelacroix
I am going to sound a little like Blizzard here. I do read the comments. I don't always implement the suggestions therein. I like the idea of locking the frames. I haven't personally run into a problem of accidental dragging, but I suppose the problem may exist. I've been fixing mods I use from other authors since the last pa...
File: DaHud Drathal10-17-08
Impending update
Posted By: BDelacroix
I know this is just an addon to an addon and shouldn't require any updates. However, I actually do have one. I couldn't tell you why but the PVP icon wasn't showing up after the last patch while it was before. I fixed that now. The bad news is I don't have it with me right now so will update this when I get back home. In a...
File: DHUD for 2.410-15-08
Originally posted by Whidver Ther...
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Originally posted by Whidver There is an option to see the target's cast bar? I don't know how to... I don't do DHuD anymore. I'm not sure if there was a way to do so or not.
File: Trapper10-14-08
3.0 is today!
Posted By: BDelacroix
I am working on other things, but as soon as the servers come up and I am able to verify that my 3.0 versions are indeed working, I'll post them here. They should work as they are now, but for my viewing audience, I want to be sure that is indeed the case.
File: Ancillary09-15-08
Some (dare I say ancillary?) changes
Posted By: BDelacroix
Tooltips exist now. Cooldowns (well all of one for the hearthstone) Scaling option Added two more functions. First, some credit to my guild leader. He mentioned a function he called ShutTheHellUp. It was for his own use and apparently exists in the form of devnull, but to stay to the idea that I don't want a lot of fluf...
File: Mundunugu Caddy09-14-08
Re: Great
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Originally posted by shadowsoath Awesome man! Glad to hear that everything worked properly. Have any idea when you will be releasing the new version? When its done... Soon(tm).. no really, probably some time during this week.
File: Mundunugu Caddy09-13-08
Originally posted by bonehed grea...
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Originally posted by bonehed great idea with this addon but the windows are just to big for my taste...works like a charm though. Don't worry. Next version already has scaling.
File: Mundunugu Caddy09-12-08
Configuration Options
Posted By: BDelacroix
I spent this morning bashing out the code to create a configuration panel in the Blizzard Interface Options. It turned out to be quite easy really. What I have actually works :) I can scale the frames. I'm going to work on adding the right/left alignment options and the alternate totem drag images.
File: DHUD for 2.409-12-08
DaHUD mod
Posted By: BDelacroix
I've uploaded a style mod for DaHUD that has the general look and feel of DHud. Feel free to try it out.