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File: Bati's UI01-31-11
Grid update
Posted By: Myrthe
Hey Bati :) I've updated Grid today and I've lost the profiles you've set up. I don't know whats going on but I wished I didn't update Grid now.. Did it happen to you as well? What can I do to fix it? Myrthe Edit: I've installed the previous version of Grid and the profiles are still there. So for everyone else who ne...
File: Bati's UI11-28-10
Originally posted by Bati hey......
Posted By: Myrthe
Originally posted by Bati hey... I don't really get why this is happening. i think you did try to change something, or... not sure. for me it picks up same border for all chars. try to reinstall the pack I removed the WTF data for Buttonfacade and put in the Buttonfacade WTF files from your pack, seems to work now indeed :)...
File: Bati's UI11-25-10
Hey Bati, I actually have a mino...
Posted By: Myrthe
Hey Bati, I actually have a minor issue with Buttonfacade. I don't know if anyone else has this problem.. Once I pick the skin you use it works just fine, and when I cast stuff/do stuff it changes for some reason. The black borders around the button are just gone. How it is now.. This how it should be? Right? :) It's...
File: Bati's UI11-22-10
Re: Re: Weapon buffs
Posted By: Myrthe
Originally posted by Bati @ Myrthe Thanks for the "tip". It helped me too:P Hehe, no problem!
File: Bati's UI11-17-10
Hai! For people having problems...
Posted By: Myrthe
Hai! For people having problems with their ui after the patch.. Make sure to tick on Ui scale again. It fixed everything for me! Myrthe
File: Bati's UI11-06-10
Re: More Resolution
Posted By: Myrthe
Originally posted by KStK Need Setup for High resolution pls :eek: 1920 x 1080 (Widescreen) *g* :banana: THx Hai there, I'm using this UI for a while now and my computer screen is exactly the resolution Bati UI is made for. Although my laptop has another resolution. I really want to use the UI on my laptop as well so I...
File: Bati's UI10-15-10
Hey Bati! I want to thank you so...
Posted By: Myrthe
Hey Bati! I want to thank you so much for updating this UI to make it work with 4.0.1. I'm looking forward to your updated Grid setup! Take your time, we all have to get used to the new stuff anyways ^^
File: Bati's UI10-12-10
Hey Bati! First of all I want to...
Posted By: Myrthe
Hey Bati! First of all I want to thank you for creating this UI. I'm loving it <3 I love how you've set up Power Auras, and Grid. Tomorrow it's patch day(4.0.1) and I guess some addons will be broken. Are you able to update the UI soon when that happens? Thanks for taking the time to reply, and keep up the good work! M...