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File: Tidy Plates09-06-15
There is a fixed version of (http:/...
Posted By: jlam
There is a fixed version of (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23673.html) for patch 6.2.2 based on the latest TidyPlates 6.16.1 release. It fixes the missing nameplates issue and the health text issue.
File: Tidy Plates 6.16.1 + WoD 6.2.2 fix09-04-15
Yes, you will need to mouseover the...
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Yes, you will need to mouseover the mob to get the true health values, as Blizzard removed the ways to determine mob health without requiring a "unit name" for them, e.g., "target", "mouseover", etc. Before 6.2.2, the nameplates used to carry that information, but that information was unfortunately removed, so we have to fall back t...
File: Clique10-21-10
Naming a macro?
Posted By: jlam
In the Clique Binding Configuration screen, if I creating a binding for a macro, then the macro text (abbreviated) is displayed as the action. The bit of macro text shown isn't usually enough for me to remember what that macro actually does. Is there a way to name the macro and use that name as the displayed action text instead?