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File: Hadar's Holy Hope Continued11-15-10
Posted By: Prynne
Thanks for picking this up. I use it mostly when dps-ing, so I hope you can find a way to test that function further without breaking the bank. I'll post any issues I find.
File: Hadar's Holy Hope11-07-10
Re: 3.0 beta release
Posted By: Prynne
Originally posted by Hadar I've updated the mod to version 3.0 beta. This will be the final release of this mod by me. It should be working in a limited fashion. The localization files are not updated so this will only work with the English client. If you wish to take over and make the mod worth using again, please feel free to...
File: Hadar's Holy Hope11-06-10
Wholly Hopeless!!!!
Posted By: Prynne
Hadar, I actually registered on this site just so I could tell you how much I miss Holy Hope and that I really hope you update it. Your addon taught me how to play my pally when I was new to the game and it's hands down the most intuitive interface I've used. Like others have said before me, I'm no programmer. I'd just break it w...