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Hello Affiniti, I have a problem....
Hello Affiniti, I have a problem. Actually beside my resto druid (main), i'm leveling up a disc priest, and as you know during leveling phase, you need more buttons (self heals, dd, and so on) Now, your UI by default has only one action bar on the button, how can I add one more of them? Thanks
File: LumUI11-25-10
I'm feeling stupid :) Thanks guys
I'm feeling stupid :) Thanks guys
File: LumUI11-24-10
Hi never, i'm in trouble again. I'...
Hi never, i'm in trouble again. I'm questin and, for a quest I have to tell to my pet to attack few trolls. Problem: i can't see his bar (the pet's bar) and I don't know where to pick up it. Can you help me?
File: LumUI11-23-10
Originally posted by neverg Delet...
Originally posted by neverg Delete or disable lumNoLove addon. Thank you! Sorry for the waste of time!
File: LumUI11-23-10
Hello there, nice UI. Everything...
Hello there, nice UI. Everything is perfect but one thing (it's not a problem, its just something that i want to change). I want to remove the buff bar over my head (in your screens the Water Shield buff and the Aspect of the Hawk buff). I'm a priest and i've the Fortitude buff over me. Can I remove it? Sorry if you already e...