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File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)07-05-11
Originally posted by Carrie89 Hel...
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Originally posted by Carrie89 Hello awesome ui, but i got one big problem after last update, when im going inside some vehicle, im getting this on my screen http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/3815/wowscrnshot063011150025.jpg , anyone else got that problem ? :( I have the same problem aswell.... Fixed with the 13.21 update
File: Dajova's UI (Tukui)12-26-10
Rested zzzz bar?
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Hello, Dajova first off wonderful UI, I love it. I was curious however. For the rested ( not the rested Xp bar) but when the toon is in a resting state such as an Inn or City, the zzzz dont show. Was curious if theres a way to tell so i dont have a 20sec log out time, theres a few "inn keepers" that arnt in a inn like in Hyjal and su...