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File: DuffedUI v803-03-18
Love this UI
Posted By: lynkdev
Just installed and had to up the scale a bit. How do i move around some of these windows please? cant seem to find an unlock on anything other than chat. Appreciate the work you did on this! loving it. (I found it nvm, i'm blind)
File: FauxMazzle11-11-17
junk seller
Posted By: lynkdev
What addon can i use to sell my greys and auto deposit materials that will work with this UI? Thanks for this UI, i love it so far.
File: Renah UI - mage/priest01-29-12
I named my WTF folders properly but...
Posted By: lynkdev
I named my WTF folders properly but when i execute the command for install it doesnt set up right..my action bars are still the same as with other things?
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.05-16-11
Nice UI, how do i get the pet bar t...
Posted By: lynkdev
Nice UI, how do i get the pet bar to show along with the exp bar? cant figure it out.. Also when i shift over an item in my bag it shows me other purple items that all seem to be tank items? any way to change this to spell caster items? thanks.
File: RealUI05-10-11
First time trying this add on with...
Posted By: lynkdev
First time trying this add on with my lock, looks awesome and thanks for the time spent in making such a beauty! How do i have the action bars always shown instead of only when i have a target? i need to click on my mount unless i can just create a macro which i have never done lol.. thanks.
File: BadGirl UI03-07-11
Posted By: lynkdev
Great UI, love it but i cant get my EXP info to show. Tried re loading it but no go..any help on this or is this a known issue? thanks