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File: ItemRack10-25-08
Originally posted by Marroc Item...
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Originally posted by Marroc Item rack doesn't seem to be obeying it's own tooltip options. I have them all unchecked, yet I still get a tooltip. Any ideas? I had this issue too. You need to add this line: if ItemRackSettings.ShowTooltips == "OFF" then return end in two places. ItemRack.lua: line 1292 at the beginni...
File: Possessions Browser06-23-08
Development dead?
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Was wondering if development on this is dead. If it isn't, would it be possible to get a conversion from allakhazam links/tooltips to wowhead tooltips/links? Also, I've setup a site on a free webspace here and I can't seem to get the tooltip info to load correctly. Unfortunately the site doesn't support cURL.
File: teksLoot03-05-08
Originally posted by erica647 I l...
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Originally posted by erica647 I love this mod... any possibility of adding a minimalistic loot frame for this as well? All I really use xloot for is to have the minimalistic frame when looting that snaps the loot to the mouse cursor leaving the rest as just overhead. Try out Butsu by haste, it's small and pretty.
File: AshenStaff_LifeAlert12-15-07
Life Alert
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All senior citizens should have Life Alert.
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-14-07
Speaking of Deadly Poison would it...
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Speaking of Deadly Poison would it be possible to scroll a notification each time you apply a dose to your current target? For instance, first application 1 DP, second 2 DP. Just like combo points. I've been trying to use search pattern to setup a trigger but searching for "is afflicted by Deadly Poison VII (2)." doesn't seem to...
File: CandyDice09-11-06
Anchor for timers not working for a...
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Anchor for timers not working for anyone else? I move the anchor but the CandyBar timers still showup above my character's model. Anchor works fine for cooldowns though.
File: OneBag308-22-06
Originally posted by Takahashi I...
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Originally posted by Takahashi I get both a window with all bags and then seperate individual windows for each bank bag. Do you happen to be using Elkano's bags and merchants addon? If you are, you can open up bags_and_merchants.lua and edit line 33 to be if not OneBank then OpenBankBagFrames(true); end