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File: Soundtrack05-22-07
Sorry for the late reply Calendil,...
Posted By: Morricone
Sorry for the late reply Calendil, I'm not abandoning the addon, just haven't had time to work on it recently. The error Calendil and DragonEyes are having seem to be related with bizarre mp3 file names. I'd like to figure out which of your tracks cause the problem (I need to know their exact names). Can you both send me yo...
File: Soundtrack03-29-07
Indeed, the only way to point to a...
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Indeed, the only way to point to a music folder outside the World of Warcraft folder is to use NTFS junctions. And Soundtrack can only support MP3 audio files. These are limitations currently imposed by Blizzard and there's unfortunately no way around them at the moment.
File: Soundtrack01-09-07
That's awesome RaCailum. I've linke...
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That's awesome RaCailum. I've linked your video on my site!
File: Soundtrack09-10-06
New version
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I've just submitted a new version that has a few features people have been asking for a long time. The playlist tab now lets you add custom playlists. It's a little primitive for now. You cannot rename the playlists, or remove the ones you add. But other than that, it lets you setup a list of tracks that will get played uninterupted...
File: Soundtrack06-29-06
Mod broken until 1.11.2
Posted By: Morricone
Hey everyone, as you probably already know the mod is no longer functioning because the PlaySoundFile method I need to play music tracks no longer works since the 1.11 patch. Blizz said it would get fixed in 1.11.1 which was released yesterday but PlaySoundFile still doesn't work. Now the official forums say the fix will be in 1.11.2...
File: Soundtrack05-30-06
Upcoming update
Posted By: Morricone
Iím very excited about my next release. Although it will not add any visible features, under the hood the addon will be much better. A lot of issues with my addon were because events didnít behave well with each other. One event can easily interfere with another. So I had to do a lot of complicated code (lets call it the glue cod...
File: Soundtrack05-29-06
Major upgrade coming soon
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I'm preparing a major internal update to the add-on. One of the problems with the add-on at the moment is that all the events know about each other. For example, all the events must know about zone events because when they end, they must restore zone music. That's bad because the more events I add, the more it becomes a nightmare...
File: Soundtrack05-29-06
Re: just music?
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Originally posted by Flawlless ok, this is awesome! but what if I just want it to play music? without switching every few minutes? how do I do that? Thats not possible at the moment. Later on, I'll implement a playlist feature, where instead of using in game events to choose music, it just plays a series of songs in your li...
File: Soundtrack05-22-06
Re: quick question
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Originally posted by Borric Great Mod! I have been looking for this function ever since Boogiebox got discontinued! Thanks for creating it, and thanks even more for updating it today! The only trouble I'm running into is that my battle songs are only lasting a few seconds, and end before the end of the battle. I haven't been...
File: Soundtrack05-19-06
I'm baaack! Sorry for the long dela...
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I'm baaack! Sorry for the long delay, I promise to catch up on all your comments and will upgrade Soundtrack over the weekend to work with the latest version of Wow. New features will probably come in slower than usual though cause I've got a pretty busy schedule at work these days and I have less time to play Wow. In case you are...
File: Soundtrack04-13-06
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Hi everyone, as you noticed I havent been on much lately. I've been really busy at work, and I will be until E3. I'm working on a game that will get shown at E3 in mid-May. After that, I will have time to play some WoW again and fix issues with my addon and new features. In the meantime I hope you can still enjoy Soundtrack as it is!
File: Soundtrack03-29-06
Originally posted by Gothmatum Am...
Posted By: Morricone
Originally posted by Gothmatum Am I missing something? The pdf states you can't stop the intro music, but you've provided tracks to "mute" the music that plays when we wander into Stormwind, the Undercity, etc... Does this mean we can replace those "mute" tracks with something of our own? Say, for instance, I want to hear th...
File: Soundtrack03-02-06
Haha Poisen, great signature image...
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Haha Poisen, great signature image :) I get a lot of emails and requests to provide my music on here, and the answer will always be no. Unless I learn about some music that I can freely distribute (which is unheard of for most music especially movie or game soundtracks), I cannot release my music on here. Can you provide more d...
File: Soundtrack02-21-06
Originally posted by keiichi what...
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Originally posted by keiichi what if you have itunes then what do you do????? I use iTunes to manage all my music. Here's how I use it for Soundtrack: I make a playlist in iTunes that contains all the music I want to use in WoW. Later on, if I need to rebuild my Soundtrack/Music collection, I'll have an easy time finding the...
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@ trichdaemon
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Originally posted by trickdaemon Does this include all of this awesome music or not? If not, I don't really want it. I love shadow of the colossus's music and ff7's. I just cannot find them anywhere. Nope, this addon works with your own music. I will not provide any music as part of this addon, because my addon will be taken...
File: Soundtrack02-16-06
Re: Another small problem
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Originally posted by RedLightning40 also When I go into bear form & Enrage the music plays without a target or targeting a friendly NPC or Player must be a druid thing. Interesting, I'll have to test that. Currently I detect we go into battle whenever you stop regenerating health at the normal rate (i.e. when you can no long...
File: Soundtrack02-13-06
RedLightning40, I know there's a bu...
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RedLightning40, I know there's a bug when you engage in battle, without a target. I find the level of the mob through your other party/raid members, but not its classification (e.g. "Elite" or "Boss"). I'm working on fixing that at the moment.