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File: DuffedUI v805-05-17
artefact Weapon
Posted By: Warjester
How I get to fill points at the weapon Thanks Dirk
File: Towelliee's UI Installer tool12-28-16
Hi, I'm playing on a mac and your i...
Posted By: Warjester
Hi, I'm playing on a mac and your installation too does not work for mac. Is it possible to get it for mac??? greatings Dirk
File: Grump˙ UI 1920x1080 (1600x900) ElvUI11-08-13
Key bindings
Posted By: Warjester
Hi when I change the key bindings and log out it automatically change back to yours???
File: Qulight UI10-07-13
Posted By: Warjester
Hi, is it possible to change the rows from the castbars??? I like to have 12 Buttons in 2 rows. Greets Dirk
File: Panther04-10-13
Guild and Friends Button
Posted By: Warjester
Hi, first, great that you are back :-) /They all come back) I like to add a Guild and a Friends Button under the left Chat frame (in that small frame below). So that it looks like the Kalender button just for friends and Guild. 1. iss it possible to do this ??? 2. if yes, how can I do this ??? Thanks for your help Gre...
File: Panther04-30-11
Hi, I use your Interface for a l...
Posted By: Warjester
Hi, I use your Interface for a long time. But since 4.1 a cant use it. Every time i try to log in i receive a message, that i have the wrong country. I never had this bevor. I play on a european account and i´m based in Germany. Do you know why that happens since 4.1???? Greetings Dirk