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File: Cirk's Blessings10-07-06
Here's the updated localization.fr....
Posted By: katana
Here's the updated localization.fr.lua file . Please for the next build, give us the list of the strings that require an update, or maybe just leave them untranslated in the french file so that they're easier to find and translate ;) Keep up the GREAT work Cirk !
File: Sprocket10-03-06
I like your mod more and more :)...
Posted By: katana
I like your mod more and more :) Just add support for the new autobar, and I'll be the happiest paladin ever !
File: Healing Range Alpha09-01-06
Cool, I like your addon, perfectly...
Posted By: katana
Cool, I like your addon, perfectly matches the way I heal with my pally. Great work :)
File: Compare Stats *Discontinued*07-24-06
Originally posted by Dialos Katan...
Posted By: katana
Originally posted by Dialos Katana, I'll work on adding a localization Lua soon. Great, if you need any french string, just ask ^^
File: Compare Stats *Discontinued*07-23-06
I haven't found another interface f...
Posted By: katana
I haven't found another interface for that so I'm posting here. The Weapon / Armor strings in the script (conditionnals) are ALL that's required for i18n of your addon. The french strings are "Arme" (Weapon) and Armure (Armor). Feel free to add them ;) I can also add that the informations are not clear enough imho... the order is...