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File: Birg's Shaman UI04-08-14
Really cool. I like your UI´s. Not...
Posted By: betaboxx
Really cool. I like your UI´s. Not this boring, overloaded standard crap, others coming along with. Keep it up and have fun. Are the Raidframes in this UI made with Stuf aswell? edit: Derp.. nevermind.. should have read more closely. :rolleyes:
File: m_ActionBars09-15-11
Originally posted by Monolit err....
Posted By: betaboxx
Originally posted by Monolit err... it's not missing unless you modified something, it's default bars functionality so I'm sure it does work. I play as elemental shaman or shadow priest so I see all the highlights without any issues. Hmm, strange.. tested it with some other classes and it worked. But with my elemental shaman,...
File: m_ActionBars09-14-11
Hi there! There´s only one thing...
Posted By: betaboxx
Hi there! There´s only one thing i´m missing in this great AddOn. The flashing standard animation on an actionbutton, when some spell procs. Is there a way to activate this function?