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File: Links in Chat01-22-15
Re: Re: taint issues
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Getting a taint issue when using items from the objective frame, but no issue if same item is used from bags.
File: Qulight UI03-22-14
all discussions - http://qulightui....
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all discussions - http://qulightui.org/ like 95 % of the forum is in russian :( even the english speaking forum everything is russian :( Even though it is in Russian and there are a handful of posts with bugs/taints, most do not see a response even with the author logging multiple times since the post has been submitted....
File: Mono UI12-10-11
i was wondering. what is the bar in...
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i was wondering. what is the bar in between the player and the target unitframes? Threat bar
File: Mono UI12-03-11
Is there anyway to have whispers in...
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Is there anyway to have whispers in a new tab show up as the same skin as the General and Log tab? Default tabs are quite ugly, I tried looking through the LUA but it is one of the few that are a clusterfuck in comparison to other lua scripts in this mod. Also, NugRunner seems to bug out for me when it tracks procs and Enrage. It'...
File: Aurora: Missing Textures10-03-11
are there any plans to reskin the "...
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are there any plans to reskin the "to be rolled on" loot from bosses? it still comes up as default. loot from other mobs do not share this issue and come up with a matching skin to the reskin. Edit: A SS of what I mean about the boss loot. Resized. http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/6758/wowscrnshot100311171300.jpg