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File: AffinityUI11-30-11
jeah new version , Thx a Lot ;)...
Posted By: Hopenatic
jeah new version , Thx a Lot ;) Good Raids in 4,.3 !!!
File: AffinityUI11-27-11
Posted By: Hopenatic
Mhh oke cool when I update in Curse Grid Grid ingame does not, hots are not displayed, etc., I'm waiting for the current version and hope it works there;)
File: AffinityUI11-21-11
Update ?!
Posted By: Hopenatic
Hello, I must first say what a brilliant interface;) my english is not so good because I'm from Germany, but I have a question and that if I want to update with the Curse client eg Grid Grid + other addons, breaks it all together nothing works in game? why? it will give a current version and also for 4.3? By Phil ;)