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File: Bartender401-14-17
Try with a completely new profile....
Posted By: meowington707
Try with a completely new profile. Seems like some other setting induce your issue. I tried a new profile and still the same issue. It's a pretty major issue too since it's a necessary bar in raiding.
File: Bartender401-06-17
Extra Action Bar is massive, help?
Posted By: meowington707
https://i.gyazo.com/9868539455eafe36a12a24d5fa3a4220.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/9868539455eafe36a12a24d5fa3a4220.jpg Anyone know how to fix this issue? I attached a picture at the top. It's basically not letting me scale my Extra Action Bar any smaller than "8" on the scale that's supposed to only go to 2... At first I thought it...
File: SixUI01-05-17
So far everything looking good, mad...
Posted By: meowington707
So far everything looking good, made changes to fit my style more. My biggest issue right now is I can't for the life of me get Xavius' Corruption Meter to show on my UI at all. I've tried to enable/move every bar possible but nothing seems to be working for some reason. I've moved/shown the BT4BarExtraActionBar, Player Alternati...
File: MayronUI Gen509-19-15
Possible bug/issue?
Posted By: meowington707
So I recently downloaded this UI pack and really loving it, trying to get used to it and see exactly how it works. So far everything is fine except for 1 thing that's pretty major. It seems that when my target casts something, if I'm not already selecting them, it won't show their cast at all. So for example let's use my class -...