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File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)11-09-16
There is an alpha version that most...
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There is an alpha version that mostly works (links don't, apparently). Can get via Curse Client or WoWAce. WIM no longer shows up on curse when you search for it
File: Aurora: Missing Textures10-28-16
quick fix
Posted By: inkdrgn
I think we will not get update this, but maybe some time... Update is hard and time-consuming process, we should have patience. the author's main addon LeilaUI is up to date and uses similar files to this. You can copy over everything from LeilaUI's interface folder except the AddOns folder and fix any erroring images from...
File: Altoholic06-29-16
might support be added for aurora/f...
Posted By: inkdrgn
might support be added for aurora/freeUI? altoholic sadly sticks out on minimalist UIs