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File: PhanxBuffs02-20-17
Everytime I take a screenshot, the...
Posted By: Derrek32
Everytime I take a screenshot, the timer appeares for the rest of the duration! This doesn't sound like an issue caused by addons. Try clearing your WoW cache: Exit the game. Open the WoW program folder in Windows Explorer/Finder/etc. Delete the "Cache" folder. I have the same problem, and clearing the cache doesn't...
File: Aloft11-11-13
I've been trying to use a condition...
Posted By: Derrek32
I've been trying to use a conditional color tag under Health Bar Colors, and whenever I input this tag: I get: Aloft: Tag not closed - missing "]" near ""ff0..." (23) Even though the closing bracket is there. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/nuqphdg.jpg