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File: Notebook11-19-14
No on other addons showing same dat...
Posted By: Bringer
No on other addons showing same data save or load issue. Yes unfortunately.. I had to rebuild my notes from scratch 2 times before I got smart and manually saved by copy/rename on the data file. While I have used notebook to share notes with guild members in the past, I am currently only using the addon to save local notes for...
File: Notebook11-18-14
Random resets of Notebook data
Posted By: Bringer
Just a heads up .. since I haven't found a reason for the problem. about once a week or so my Notebook.lua data file gets reset back to default: NotebookState = { = { }, } I saw this with and am testing where I expect to see it happen again. I did compare the two versions and know the differences...
File: CensusPlus11-08-14
And you noticed the next time you l...
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And you noticed the next time you logged in it ran fine. This is a problem that comes and goes.. it is a race condition between the main lua code and a separate section used for the button. I have been replacing old code and intend to replace the button xml code in a near future version.