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File: FreeUI09-15-12
Posted By: nxion
Thanks for the quick response. Now how can I move the actionbars down a bit? :)
File: FreeUI09-11-12
Moving the minimap
Posted By: nxion
Can you tell me how to move the minimap down a little?
File: FreeUI08-05-12
@ nxion; Are you sure you set it to...
Posted By: nxion
@ nxion; Are you sure you set it to false? Are you using any other announcing addons? Yes I am positive it is set to false. I disabled every addon I have other than FreeUI and it still announces my tranq shots.
File: FreeUI08-03-12
@ Ollaii; You mean the colour of th...
Posted By: nxion
@ Ollaii; You mean the colour of the chat frame itself, not the tabs? @ nxion; In options.lua, set 'interrupt' to false. @ HolyC; In options.lua, change the bags_size option. So I did that and it still come up in chats.
File: FreeUI08-02-12
Tranq Shot announce?
Posted By: nxion
Is there anyway to turn off the tranq shot announce in party? Thanks