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File: Dominos Beta08-17-14
THank you, Tuller, good to hear and...
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THank you, Tuller, good to hear and thanks for the quick reply :)
File: Dominos Beta08-17-14
Posted By: Tippa
Any chance you could get Tulla range working with Dominos Beta? or maybe have full button out of range coloring as a standard feature of the addon?
File: GearManager More Icons02-05-13
Thankyou for the update. Makes sele...
Posted By: Tippa
Thankyou for the update. Makes selecting those Macro icons so much easier now. :D
File: TinyExtraBars01-22-13
Thanks another! :D It took me a...
Posted By: Tippa
Thanks another! :D It took me a little while to work out it was "Full Range Artwork" I needed to tick, but once I did that it worked great. Perhaps name it something more obvious like "Button Range Coloring"? Anyway, it works a treat. And it's faster to react to Out of Range than even the standard Blizzard UI. In fact it's noti...
File: TinyExtraBars01-15-13
Out of range colouring?
Posted By: Tippa
Nice simple extra button bar mod, works without wrecking the entire blizzard bar interface as some add-ons do. I also like that it's able to track bag items that standard blizzard buttons do not, eg crafting materials. :banana: I have one request, full button out of range colouring. Add-ons like Tullarange colour over the st...
File: GearManager More Icons01-15-13
Love this add-on. Very simple and q...
Posted By: Tippa
Love this add-on. Very simple and quick. Any chance you could extend it or make additional small add-ons to work with Guild Bank Tab and also Macro Icon selection?
File: EasyMail (Fan Update)09-15-12
Thanks for fixing Easymail, Tony....
Posted By: Tippa
Thanks for fixing Easymail, Tony. I have a single request if it is possible. Please add a small button "Mark page" so I can mark the seven mails on the page I can see. The function shouldn't demark anything on other pages, but it would be quicker than "Mark all" in certain circumstances. It might also toggle to demark the page too...