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File: DoTimer11-04-10
Hunter Trap timers?
Posted By: trei
Is there any way I can configure Dotimer to properly track my hunter traps? Currently the trap set durations are mostly ok except for snake trap (which i had to manually edit the lua to fix ; i think there's a mix up in duration - 15secs is how long the snakes last, the trap itself last 1 min until tripped, like all other traps)...
File: AutoAspect12-14-08
cheetah support
Posted By: trei
regarding the previously mentioned possible cheetah/pack support, here's another suggestion: Let it give an alert whenever one has the speed aspects on but is not moving, or has not moved in any direction for the past.. say 3 - 5 secs . Is such a function possible? I reckoned most combat encounters are usually preceded by a...
File: DoTimer11-21-08
trap timer
Posted By: trei
Trap timers are not being removed when they have been triggered. ie: lay frost trap, immo trap timer created enemy trips the trap, immo trap effect timer created but the trap timer is still counting down the 1min duration even though it should have been replaced by the trap effect timer. Is there some timer removal settings...
File: AutoAspect11-19-08
how about cheetah?
Posted By: trei
It would be really great if you could add in support for cheetah/pack :D Maybe say when I, or anyone in my party, has a hostile player or npc targetted or is being targetted.