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File: We Don't Wipe - Windwalker Monk01-16-17
Re: I was gonna send this private message...
Posted By: Taraezor
... but apparently it's disallowed. I admit, I haven't been playing on my monk since 7.1.5 hit - I've been playing with the diablo anniversary, using other (more effective) toons in wow for the week, and now in diablo itself. But someone I recommended We Don't Wipe to, also WW monk, says that since the patch it's been throwing enoug...
File: Sunrise Sunset01-13-17
Re: Link to FAQ on front page is wrong.
Posted By: Taraezor
When I click it, I get a page showing ERROR You are not the owner,team member or an admin of this portal. DL'ed and will be poking around iwth it. Looks interesting. Once again... many thanks Barleduq for your attentiveness.
File: Sunrise Sunset01-08-17
How Sunrise & Sunset Works
Posted By: Taraezor
Over the years Blizzard has, commendably, attempted to align nominally geographic servers so that the in game time matches the players' real world time. Recent changes forced upon Blizzard by exploiters "server hopping", as well as the need to consolidate servers, mean that the in game time might be very different from your real...
File: Rare Love01-05-17
Just want to mention that your opti...
Posted By: Taraezor
Just want to mention that your options slash command is the same command that Ace2/3 libraries use to reload the interface. Good thanks for the report. I usually provide a few options but I neglected to list them in the description on the download page. I updated that. It is years since I used any AddOn with Ace but iirc they...
File: Adorable Hatchling Nests12-31-16
v2.07 - Big Changes / Fixes
Posted By: Taraezor
High time I extend a little love to our cute little raptor friends. The change log is extensive for such a small AddOn and yet I pretty much have solved any issues I am aware of and which have accumulated over time. The Northern Barrens bug, due to some weird change at the server side at some unknown time in the recent past, ca...
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc11-04-16
Re: Re: Re: Ok, time for this happened
Posted By: Taraezor
My apologies for the delay, ... Thank you for your work on this! Quick question: this is using the version I uploaded: v1.05? Yes it is. At least, that's what ACP reports is loaded. -Barleduq Okay Fel Rush and Throw Glaice working as they should, based upon your description. In fact pretty much everything is as per the...
File: We Don't Wipe11-04-16
Posted By: Taraezor
From Saturday the 5th through to Sunday the 13th I am on holiday (first in about two years). Updates to AddOns impossible. Mostly no internet. Please continue to report bugs / oversights / improvements on the relevant pages. (Wish I could say I will be at Blizzcon for the awesome Diablo announcement)
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc11-03-16
Re: Ok, time for this happened
Posted By: Taraezor
My apologies for the delay, ... Thank you for your work on this! Quick question: this is using the version I uploaded: v1.05?
File: We Don't Wipe - Arcane Mage11-01-16
Re: update ?
Posted By: Taraezor
An ETA on the Arcane update ? Arcane a really low priority at the moment, even though I enjoyed it almost as much as Fire in the previous xpac and the rotation nailed the mana management (trivialised it really hehehe). Mainly because it sucks in high end raiding and I think no-one will down load it, except you and I lol. But re...
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc10-31-16
Re: Throw glave still in first 'box' while on cooldown
Posted By: Taraezor
I pulled out my DH to test this today. Whenever it puts Throw Glaive as the next thing to cast, the icon stays in that box even tho I can't cast it again. If I ignore that, and cast the next spell in the list (usually Demon's Bite), the icons pick up and carry forward, until Throw Glaive shows up again, and then it gets stuck again....
File: We Don't Wipe - Elemental Shaman10-05-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Look, I know this is not Elemental, but the Enhancement module is up and running now for Legion...
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc10-05-16
Can I turn off the yard box without...
Posted By: Taraezor
Can I turn off the yard box without messing up the addon? It just gets in the way. Sure! /hy hide And when you yearn for the frame to return (hehehe) /hy show
File: We Don't Wipe - Havoc09-26-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Your feedback at this early stage is 100% crucial to the ongoing success of this module. I can't be in all places at all times and test all possible combination of talents, traits, relics and at all different character levels. This module is the most complicated I have had to do for any class/specialisation. Due largely to the mob...
File: We Don't Wipe - Fire Mage09-09-16
Posted By: Taraezor
And with this bug fix upload I also (finally) got around to updating the screen shots!
File: We Don't Wipe - Windwalker Monk09-09-16
Barleduq - thanks again... yes... t...
Posted By: Taraezor
Barleduq - thanks again... yes... the screenshots... i keep forgetting to change them.
File: Hard Yards09-09-16
Posted By: Taraezor
The On/Off logic was flawed at times. As well I wanted to support other AddOns using the range results. Hard Yards now has Show/Hide to simply make the range frame show or hide. Separately, the /hy tip on/off to show/hide range data in tooltips. Previously the logic was... yeah...
File: We Don't Wipe - Windwalker Monk09-08-16
Re: I have a number of questions...
Posted By: Taraezor
a) Most importantly, which might fix the rest - I can't find the configure panel in my Menu -> Interface -> Addons pane. We Don't Wipe is not listed there at all. I can get the chat commands, but it displays oddly which I assume is the fact that I have the fonts set larger. Unfortunately, my questions aren't resolved by that. Why...
File: This Scampi Happening09-08-16
hahahaha punny flavour texts! I lov...
Posted By: Taraezor
hahahaha punny flavour texts! I love it, and you for making it! We should all install it for the halibut! Hehehe
File: Hard Yards09-08-16
Re: Add Move Instructions to chat help?
Posted By: Taraezor
It's possible that this is my problem, since all the addons that have chat help are failing to scroll in my general chat pane (even on the ones with the default font size). However, I had to come here to find out how to move the box with the numbers in it. If that info is not in the help as output to the chat pane, could it be put th...
File: Bear in Mind08-31-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Just stumbled upon this. What a cute and yet useful idea!
File: Best Quest06-01-16
Re: Can't download
Posted By: Taraezor
I'm getting an invalid filename. "Best_Quest\*Read Me*.txt" when using WinZip. Minion just downloads and hangs. Strange. This is the only such comment from across all my AddOns which have totally many thousands of downloads. Maybe a temporary problem with the latest Minion build. Have you tried installing normally. I just di...
File: Hard Yards05-27-16
v2.00 Legion
Posted By: Taraezor
Rewritten for Legion. Will now add range estimation to Tooltips. Taint sources removed. Cleaner/quicker/less memory. Easier to move around the screen. Algorithm for distance estimation enhanced. (Until I upload a Legion BETA specific version simply update the interface version in the TOC file to '70000') Taraezor's News
File: Comix05-13-16
Oh this AddOn is so much fun. Why d...
Posted By: Taraezor
Oh this AddOn is so much fun. Why didn't I download it before lol. I have left a toon at a training dummy just so I can hear / see this in action. THIS has made my day.
File: Tip05-11-16
Posted By: Taraezor
Anything you see linked in chat will now have its internal "hyperlink" ID and ID type recognised by Tip. Whether this be Achievements, Quests or whatever. While testing I could not break this. But then, surely one of you can rise to the challenge (sigh). Those parts of the UI not covered by Tip, such as Achievements, can simply be...
File: This Scampi Happening04-30-16
WoW Interface Pick of the Week!!!
Posted By: Taraezor
http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53379 Oh thank you Seerah for the recognition. This surely scampi happening!