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File: AfenarUI09-05-17
Out of screen
Posted By: Banis
Dear Afenar, I hope you update your whole UI and WA's for 7.3.0. I updated the addons with twitch client after 7.3.0. Everything is working fine i only have one problem. If i loot something the tracker pop up on the left side top of the screen and it's growing up not down so if i loot 2 or 3 things this tracker run out from th...
File: AfenarUI09-20-16
Posted By: Banis
Hi everybody, I have a little problem with the UI, after some update the left info panel backdrop disappeared, you can see on the attached picture. http://kepfeltoltes.hu/160921/WoWScrnShot_092116_072801_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg I can see the data infos (FPS,MS, etc...) if i bring the mouse overthere. Any solution for thi...
File: AfenarUI08-31-16
Class hall
Posted By: Banis
Hello 1st i realy like your UI, but i have a little problem with it, in the class hall. You can see it on the attached picture the top bar position is not good :confused: . http://kepfeltoltes.hu/160901/WoWScrnShot_090116_064117_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg Do you have any idea how can i fix this? Thanks.
File: XanUI10-26-15
Re: Re: Re: Re: Grid
Posted By: Banis
Hello! I realy like your UI, because this is f*cking awesome. I only have one problem with it. I want to track the "Germination" spell on the grid, but i chose the top right corner for example and nothing happens :confused:. Can you give me any advice or fix to this? :( hi Banis! happy to hear that :) about your problem: the...
File: OPUI01-27-13
Opacus will you make 1280x1024 reso...
Posted By: Banis
Opacus will you make 1280x1024 resolution version ?
File: ScrableUI01-13-13
Posted By: Banis
Hello, this ui is working on 1280x1024 resolution ? :)