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File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates01-27-13
Re: Re: ignore non-combat
Posted By: anklebiters
Are you sure you have Threat Plates set as your theme in Tidy Plates? Yes, though it is certainly possible I'm making some dumb mistake. When I tank, the plates for the mobs I have control of scale down and turn green, the yellow/red threat system works when someone pulls aggro, and so on. Sorry for the delay in responding to y...
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates01-20-13
ignore non-combat
Posted By: anklebiters
Hi, Just wondering if I have something set incorrectly, or if this is default/intended behavior. Under Threat system | General settings, I have the box checked for "Ignore Non-Combat Threat", which I think is checked by default anyway. When I'm tanking one pack of mobs, I will see red nameplates all over the place from other gr...