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File: Dominos07-06-17
Config Menu
Posted By: Erandil177
When right clicking any bars, I'm not getting the options window. Any ideas?
File: BasicMinimap05-25-15
Zone Text
Posted By: Erandil177
Adding Zone Text to the map would be great. It's a pain to do it through other methods, such as suggested below.
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)04-27-15
Castbar Anchors
Posted By: Erandil177
What is the proper frame to anchor to keep the castbars where the Blizzard ones would be (i.e. underneath the target buff frame)? I have been trying with no success. To be clear, I want the target and focus castbars to stay in their Blizzard locations, automatically adjusting to the number of buffs.
File: BarKeep12-11-13
New Blizzard Store Button
Posted By: Erandil177
Hi, just letting you know there is an issue since 5.4.2 with the store button. It can't be scaled and the old game menu button has disappeared. Haven't tried a fix yet, but if anyone gets one please post :) Thanks and keep up the work on the best bar addon out there!
File: SolvexxUI05-17-13
Tidy Plates
Posted By: Erandil177
In your video you mention that your tidy plates is included in the package, but i'm not getting in in the download. I really like how you set it up with all the auras/buffs/debuffs and that. I was wondering if you could put that in the package. Much appreciated :)
File: MoveAnything05-15-13
cast bars
Posted By: Erandil177
I cant get the cast bars to lock in place after I move them, they automatically reset to off the screen. Any suggestions?