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File: Cartographer12-23-06
Cartographer seems a nice mod, but...
Posted By: Tomcenc
Cartographer seems a nice mod, but the only thing that attracts me is the raid functions, I've tried messing around a bit so I could use it instead of the normal BG minimap, but then the raid group numbers become unreadable and I haven't got a world map either that way. I wondered if it would be possible to have a seperate add-on as...
File: EavesDrop11-25-06
Great Mod
Posted By: Tomcenc
This is a great mod, but there are a few things that do bother me thatI would like to see added: An option to show names of the players you hit/are hitted by. An option to put damage and damage done on same line, for example: 533 --------- 600 900 --------- 700 546 -------- Miss This would almost half the number of lines us...