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File: Hekili - Priority Helper for Battle for Azeroth07-22-18
Thanks for this addon. But was won...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Thanks for this addon. But was wondering why did you remove the option to move the panel. Its now in the middle of the screen and that defenitely not where I want it.
File: BtWQuests06-27-18
Thank you
Posted By: Yukyuk
Great Addon. Got two secrret mounts with this. Thank you.
File: Collect Me02-20-18
Posted By: Yukyuk
I get the following error when I enter the world of warcraft. Uninstalled and reinstalled but the error remains. 610x CollectMe\DB\Toy-Toy.lua:46: table index is nil CollectMe\DB\Toy-Toy.lua:46: in function `?' ...las\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0-6.lua:145: in function <...las\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\Callba...
File: WorldFlightMap08-30-17
Hey Semlar, Now in patch 7.3 the...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Hey Semlar, Now in patch 7.3 there is a Navigation console within the Vindicaar. The "space" ship that is the starting point for quests and world quests. It did not work for me until I disabled WorldFlightMap. Just wanted to let you know. Greetings, Yukyuk.
File: Gold Tracker Plus03-27-16
Just installed GoldTrackerPlus, got...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Just installed GoldTrackerPlus, got this error. But I removed the GoldTrackerPlus OLd file. 1x GoldTrackerPlus\GT_Core.lua:733: attempt to index global 'GTr_SavedVars' (a nil value) GoldTrackerPlus\GT_Core.lua:733: in function GoldTrackerPlus\GT_Core.lua:1212: in function
File: PictureThis (8.0.1)01-18-16
Derp forgot to do that. Ya its work...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Derp forgot to do that. Ya its working fine, its a library somewhere else in my plethora of addons causing the issue. Edit - Also oddly after updating to your current release to day the problem now seems to be gone! Thanks for sharing this addon I've been having some fun with it. Glad youre having fun with it. I had fun making i...
File: PictureThis (8.0.1)01-16-16
Still seems to be happening :(....
Posted By: Yukyuk
Still seems to be happening :(. Strange, works for me now. Does it also happen when PictureThis is only addon this is enabled?
File: PictureThis (8.0.1)01-13-16
Re: Re: Re: looks great
Posted By: Yukyuk
Some things I have added already to my version - Add blendmode to the aura - Added a button that lets me take a picture right away instead of doing it manualy - is using the class color on the BG as a overlay so I can use a darker classcolor instead by setting a grey BG and the transparacy on the overlay to a low value -...
File: PictureThis (8.0.1)01-13-16
Bug report : The minimap button doe...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Bug report : The minimap button doesn't stay hidden if you turn it off in the options between sessions. Simply re-loading the ui causes it to re-appear. It occurred on both released versions with clean saved variables on both. Nice catch. Added a bugfix. Should work correctly now.
File: PictureThis (8.0.1)01-12-16
Re: looks great
Posted By: Yukyuk
I have been trying the latest version now and I like what you are doing with this :D If you like I can give you more suggestions that I was planning on adding into the Wallpaper_Kit? All suggestions are welcome :) How is it going with the new version of Wallpaper_Kit?
File: Wallpaper Kit12-09-15
Found out about this little gem re...
Posted By: Yukyuk
Found out about this little gem recently. Thank you. Downloaded it from Wowinterface. The toc file has a typo. It has ## Interface: 62000, needs to be ## Interface: 60200 ?
File: Historia (8.0.1)09-13-15
I like this addon a lot! It's quain...
Posted By: Yukyuk
I like this addon a lot! It's quaint! :) I have a question and I can't seem to find a FAQ, what does the "Global Database" mean? as well as the Entering and Leaving of characters? The global database is the same database for all of your characters use when using Historia. The local database is the database that each character has...
File: Historia (8.0.1)08-25-15
Minimap icon
Posted By: Yukyuk
Minimap icon now remembers its position.
File: Historia (8.0.1)08-19-15
I am pleased to inform you (the peo...
Posted By: Yukyuk
I am pleased to inform you (the people that use Historia) that there is a new release, 1.5. Amongst others Historia now makes use of a LibDataBroker lib. And the minimap icon can now be moved and/or hidden (see the options).
File: Historia (8.0.1)07-17-15
Re: Minimap button?
Posted By: Yukyuk
In Historia I do not use LibDataBroker and there is no way to turn off the Historia button. It is on my TODO list it but could be a while before this gets updated. The only way I know off to move the Historia button is to use another addon that gathers minimap buttons. Personally I use MinimapButtonFrame and it gathers the Histo...
File: Historia (8.0.1)07-08-15
The new update seems to have turned...
Posted By: Yukyuk
The new update seems to have turned on notifications and I can't seem to disable that. Oops, noob mistake on my part. Set the debugging on funtion for testing purposes. You can use the command. /Historia debug This will set the debugging to false (only for the current session). Will post an update as soon as possible.
File: Historia (8.0.1)07-08-15
Re: Error on first login after install
Posted By: Yukyuk
@Barleduq Thank you for reporting this. There was indeed a bug the first time you used Historia. Was due to having an empty database. Guess I should have tested that before release :) Am now writing a new addon. This time I wil make sure I test it with an empty database before release. Fixed and tested it. I will release i...
File: Historia (8.0.1)06-23-15
PvP or Garrison history
Posted By: Yukyuk
@oddtoddy, thank you. :) Don't think I will do PVP anytime soon. Personally I use REFlex for that. Though it hasn't been updated for a few months now. Maybe garrison history in the future, have been thinking about that. But my addon development time and skills are limited, so could take a while.
File: Historia (8.0.1)06-21-15
Posted By: Yukyuk
Thanks for the compliment :)