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File: MiirGui [Core]07-13-17
Re: Re: Icon Names?
Posted By: Axiphel
It looks like you are using some other addon for the orderhall missions? Because for me the border shows just fine, maybe that addon is interacting with it? I'll take a look at the mythic dungeons stuff but since i do not do any of them it can take a while to figure it out. You're right. It was Garrison Mission Manager removing...
File: MiirGui [Core]06-29-17
Re: Green Borders?
Posted By: Axiphel
I've installed MiirGui Core, Blue and Grey... but all I get on every single window is a bright green border. Am I doing something wrong? Might there be some other mod that frequently interferes with this that I need to disable? I'm quite confused and don't know how to fix it. Thank you! You don't have the textures inside t...
File: MiirGui [Core]06-26-17
http://imgur.com/a/Uv4ld Just so...
Posted By: Axiphel
http://imgur.com/a/Uv4ld Just some things that I've noticed aren't skinned. Titled followers don't have a border when in missions (I saw that in the changelog but I'm using the latest version and I still have it) and the icon for followers in the tooltip is still default. The Mythic+ affixes in the mythic dungeon tab seem to be so...
File: Clean Icons - Thin06-21-17
Hey suicidalkatt, think you could d...
Posted By: Axiphel
Hey suicidalkatt, think you could do one package where the icons are squared and don't have borders at all? Going for a minimalistic/flat look. Definitely something I could do. What should it be called? Clean Icons - Clean Clean Icons - Flat Clean Icons - Borderless
File: MiirGui [Core]05-19-17
Also, don't forget the bank stack c...
Posted By: Axiphel
Also, don't forget the bank stack counts when you get around to changing that stuff. They have the same problem as the bags.
File: MiirGui [Core]05-06-17
The stack numbers in the bags get c...
Posted By: Axiphel
The stack numbers in the bags get cut off slightly. I don't know if you see that as a problem but it's just a minor annoyance for me. Also when turning on the loot frame reskin option the pass button is missing.
File: Clean Icons - Square02-20-17
The icon for http://www.wowhead.com...
Posted By: Axiphel
The icon for http://www.wowhead.com/item=143631/primal-flamesaber needs to be updated.
File: LiteBag_Aurora02-19-17
Doesn't seem to skin the bank anymore.
Posted By: Axiphel
Doesn't seem to skin the bank anymore.
File: bdCore02-07-17
This still replaces the default fon...
Posted By: Axiphel
This still replaces the default font for names above character's head even when I have unchecked the option to replace default ui fonts. Also changes floating damage font.
File: MiirGui [Core]01-24-17
Re: Re: Demon Hunter
Posted By: Axiphel
Thanks for the fixes! :D
File: MiirGui [Core]01-23-17
This happens since 7.1.5. Pretty su...
Posted By: Axiphel
This happens since 7.1.5. Pretty sure it's MiirGUI. Also the debuff border doesn't seem to be reskinned to be a square and has the default diagonal corners.