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File: Ansi Ui01-27-18
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Hey man, very nice and fast UI. Can you tell me how to move stance/pet bar? It's locked in middle screen, unplayable.. :( - addon info, taken from notes on the webpage: "Shift+Alt-click to move the stance bar & pet bar." That should help you out.
File: Ansi Ui01-15-18
One of my favorites..
Posted By: JigsawSaint
This has to be one of my favorite UI's thus far. I've tried so many over the years. Lately, the UI landscape appears to be filled with ElvUI/TukUI variants. (I am not taking shots at those UI's at all, as I've used them for years). But your UI maintains some of the 'feel' and many of the thematic elements of the Blizzard/WoW...
File: Vacant UI - Become a Better Player11-19-17
I too am having the inability to pi...
Posted By: JigsawSaint
I too am having the inability to pick SCT options and its impossible to see anything with the default SCT option. Same with me. interface - addons - sct, just leads me to a 0 text, black screen/page. No options are visible. Love the concept of the UI, but just needs a few tweaks.
File: SUI10-06-17
Love the UI
Posted By: JigsawSaint
I absolutely love the UI. I feel like it embraces the thematic WoW UI properties while providing the much desired artistic 'dark' signature. In a day and age where it feels like 40-50% of all 'UI mods' are seemingly based off of ElvUI, yours is really a breath of fresh air. Love it. Keep up the great work.