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File: LightHeaded12-01-17
Autodetails false still allows Lightheaded to open when a Quest is clicked
Posted By: emmetotter
if I execute /lh autodetails to turn off showing Lightheaded when I click on a quest, Lightheaded will still continue to popup when I click quests. The problem is this OpenQuestID function which is called directly from multiple hooksecurefunc blocks between lines code at line 57 and 95 in Lightheaded.lua function LightHeaded...
File: LightHeaded09-14-17
Feature Req - Add ability to dismiss window
Posted By: emmetotter
I would like a way to just hit ESC and have it dismiss/close the Lightheaded window just like it dismisses/closes everything else.
File: Notebook09-06-17
Broken by PlaySound api change in 7.3
Posted By: emmetotter
Blizz changed the parameters required by its PlaySound API which broke many addons including this one. In the xml and lua files for an addon (for this one: Notebook.lua and NotebookFrame.lua) you will see StaticPopupDialogs definitions and PlaySound API calls that have this: StaticPopupDialogs sound = "someKindofCode", or Play...