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File: TomTom03-30-07
Oh so hot, thank you! I like the n...
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Oh so hot, thank you! I like the name too.
File: PhanxChat12-08-06
Originally posted by Hevanus Can...
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Originally posted by Hevanus Can it add timestamps? Seems to have _everything_ else I could want. Please!
File: Bongos212-07-06
Removing an icon from a bar?
Posted By: SifOfSwC
Complete nublet question, I know, but how do I go about removing an icon that I placed in one of the bars? My goal is to make it a blank button.
File: Relational DKP11-15-06
Where does this track its data?
Posted By: SifOfSwC
More importantly, say we have multiple raid leaders. How can the priority data be shared? Nice, BTW.
File: CandyDice10-15-06
Moving would be nice
Posted By: SifOfSwC
Seems they're smack dab center of my screen, getting in my way, no matter how I try to configure them with DeuceCommander. Am I doing something wrong? How do I move them? Thanks.
File: Sage UnitFrames07-25-06
Brilliant! A nice, compact, modera...
Posted By: SifOfSwC
Brilliant! A nice, compact, moderately configurable unit frames. It honors the Blizz API to hide party frames when in a raid. It has a small memory footprint. It gives me all the info I need, especially since I use a HUD. This has replaced my previous, highly configurable, very bulky unit frames mod.