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File: AtlasLoot Enhanced09-01-18
Re: Re: u guys still alive?
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guys you have to go to wowace / curse.com to get the latest release. I no longer use Curse. This site is WAY less problematic for me. This site is awesome. Very happy here. Not going back to Curse. When they forced everyone to use a Twitch account they lost my account data. The solution? Merge them with my Twitch account....
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-22-16
I can't find anything for setting u...
Posted By: DohNotAgain
I can't find anything for setting up the Phased Status on a player. Am I missing it or is it something that is not handled by this addon? I can't figure out how to search only within a single forum so if this has been previously answered then sorry in advance.
File: Discord Unit Frames07-06-16
Either I am doing something wrong o...
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Either I am doing something wrong or there may be a bug. I want to have the pet's target next to the pet frame, as well as party member targets by their frames. There are no units for setting those up so I decided to fake it and make them using what is available. For the pet unit frame: I put the target's health and mana bars...
File: Candy Buckets10-28-12
This addon and Mapster Enhanced don...
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This addon and Mapster Enhanced don't play together 100% well. No LUA errors. When M.E. is enabled the bucket location icons don't show reliably. I have to toggle the map on and off to get them to show. They show and disappear randomly as the map is toggled on and off. If a zone has more than one bucket they may or may not all...
File: Ookin' Dooker!10-12-12
not working
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For some reason this doesn't work for me. Mod is installed and enabled. /ook doesn't toggle it on.
File: Pet Theory10-05-12
Sad to say the problem still exists...
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Sad to say the problem still exists with the newest version. But... I don't think it is your problem. After trying many things.... I decided to look at the Blizzard tool tip that tells where the pets are found --- duh, what a concept. Low and behold the long-tailed mole, which I captured in Iron Forge, doesn't have IF in the...
File: Pet Theory10-05-12
filter wierdness
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I just noticed when I'm in Iron Forge and sort on zone only it shows no minipets. Dun Morogh shows minipets not found there like cockroaches, snakes, frogs, maggots, and spiders. Then during moving back and forth between IF and Dun Moroh for testing it added Adders to the DM list, but IF stayed an empty list. I enabled and dis...
File: Pet Theory10-01-12
Interesting bug
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I found an interesting bug. If you close the pet journal window with text in the search field the tool tip will not accurately show if you have the wild pet you are pointing at. Example. I search for rat in the pet journal. I leave the word rat in the search field and close the journal. I point at a rabbit and it shows I d...
File: MasterShapeShifter09-28-12
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I've been looking for a good Druid bar addon for years. None of the ones I found met my play needs enough to use them over my manual setup. Usually their layouts didn't work well for me or things were missing. This addon's layout matches very well. And it has the stuff I need on it. This is great already! I have some ideas to...
File: AdvancedIconSelector09-14-12
Fingers crossed.
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I use Bindpad for my macros. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6385-BindPad-GUItosetkeybindingsforspellitemmacro.html I love this mod of yours--has saved me a lot of "crabby time" looking for tab icons. Sad thing is Bindpad does not recognize it so I'm stuck with the tiny Blizz selector in that mod. I would love the abi...
File: Broker_StatsNow09-10-12
What happened?
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I installed this addon then logged in. I was expecting a drop down menu like the example pictures show. But, instead, all I got was 30 individual plugins on my LDB bar. They filled the top bar up completely - was pretty much unreadable. Is this how its supposed to be; individual plugins on the bar that you turn on and off as ne...
File: LootMon09-08-12
Adjusting position
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I want to position the looted items display in a specific location. There does not appear to be an option to toggle the display on and off in "test" mode during config. If there was a test mode it would be easy to see exactly what the offsets need to be. Killing easy mobs then looting them so the display shows momentarily for posi...
File: Bigger Tradeskill UI09-05-12
Spell list issue
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Just downloaded the current version. The recipe list extends below the bottom of the frame. No LUA errors were encountered.
File: Critter Emote08-31-12
5.0.4 problems
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This is not "broken" per se, but it is not functioning 100% correctly either. At least not on an individual character basis. It is on an account basis. Here is the issue and hopefully its an easy fix. As you know, with patch 5.0.4 achievements are account wide. So are the individual steps and requirements for them. That mean...
File: ConfirmLeaveParty08-29-12
I'm the king of fat-finger. This A...
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I'm the king of fat-finger. This AddOn helps me avoid the accidental party exit frustration. Thanks!
File: Target Nameplate Indicator08-23-12
This addon is great. It has made v...
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This addon is great. It has made visually finding the mob I have targetted much easier. But I prefer an arrow pointing at the target so I made this one. After testing it against other graphic icons it works best for me. http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/2043/arrowi.png Feel free to use it if you want. Choonstertwo, you...
File: Broker: ChatAlerts08-04-12
Just installed this. No error ms...
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Just installed this. No error msgs at all....from this mod or any other. Thing is, I can't change any of the settings. No matter what pull-down I use in the config panel it won't select the choice I click. Also, I turned off loot msgs using the broker panel, but it didn't recognize the setting. It showed the change was made,...
File: Skada Damage Meter07-24-12
I just tried the 64-bit client and...
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I just tried the 64-bit client and my window no longer displays any information. Works fine for me under the (Windows) 64-bit client. I didn't change anything when switching between 32-bit and 64-bit either. I am using 64 bit Win 7. It displays no data for me either.
File: MoveAnything07-10-12
Lately I've been getting this error...
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Lately I've been getting this error. Date: 2012-07-10 17:51:05 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua line 534: attempt to call method 'GetName' (a nil value) Debug: : GetName() MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:534: Load() MoveAnything\MoveAnything.lua:5153:...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]07-08-12
Re: Re: Font colors
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The Plain Letter thing is actually a little bug im working on :) Cool beans. Thanks.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]07-07-12
Font colors
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Is there any way to change the font colors? I tried to read a "Plain letter" today and the font was so dark against the grey background it was barely readable. Love this skin.
File: PocketPlot07-03-12
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Cool beans. Thanks. This isn't a game breaker so waiting until 5.0 is fine. Ya, if justification is a pain don't worry about it. If I get to the point I want it other than centered I can just make a hack for where I want it. I'm not an LUA programmer at all. But I have programmed other stuff so I can usually figure it out and...
File: PocketPlot06-29-12
Zone text
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I love this addon: short, sweet, gets the job done. There is 1 thing I wish I could do though. I'd like to move the zone text to the outside of the map box. Adding an offset option like you did for the coords would probably do it just fine. OK....2 things.... I'd also like to justify the clock, coords, and time other than ce...
File: Linkerize06-13-12
Maybe I'm just a newb, but I have n...
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Maybe I'm just a newb, but I have never been able to figure out how to copy and paste ANYTHING out of the chat window, much less a functioning link. I have not found any key-binds for anything related to it either. I use Tinypad a lot. I type everything in manually. Having working links in my TP text pages is something I real...
File: Comergy06-12-12
Enemy cast bar
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One of the things I like about this mod is the thin health bars for target and self. I can't stand all of the UI litter deposited on my screen by the full blown HUDs. I also despise the Unit frames for self and target in the middle of the screen next to the combat display area. I want to see as much as possible of what's happening...