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File: SnowfallUnit11-19-09
I tried your addon & I had a hard t...
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I tried your addon & I had a hard time getting the information I wanted in, with the unit frames... So I went back to default frames; & I am finding that wherever I moved the frames with SnowfallUnit, they stay that way with the default frames... I even tried removing the cache files etc., nothing. I cannot get the stock...
File: oUF_Neav08-30-09
Re: Re: Focus
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Originally posted by Neal This is normal because the function FocusUnit() is protected, so you get the error with all unitframes. k if that's the case is there a way to view the focus frame? If so, how?
File: oUF_Neav08-29-09
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I try & set Focus & get the following: oUF_Neav has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI - You can disable this addon & reload the UI.
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor07-08-09
Re: A thought
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Why does there have to be several different Loading sounds and Shoot sounds, and in different areas? "Example": Data > Sound > Item > Weapons > GunShot01.wav Data > Sound > Item > Weapons > Gun > GunShot01.wav Data > Sound > Item > Weapons > Gun > GunShot02.wav Data > Sound > Item > Weapons > Gun > GunShot03.wav Data > S...
File: Class and Creature type Artwork06-10-09
Re: Re: Really terrific!
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Hello - I'd used the UFE addon previously & I mentioned the same issue there, on the tooltip bars it displays a White Hitpoint Bar vs the Green Hitpoint Bar, just wondering if that's a bug...
File: tekticles02-09-09
Originally posted by mahatef grea...
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Originally posted by mahatef great addon for replacing CF2, but I'm having the same problem of lack of in game configuration. I only want to enlarge the general font size in game, but have no clue how to edit the tekticles.lua in order to make it! can anyone please just copy the lines from the file which are basically responsible f...
File: RedRange02-05-09
Originally posted by Lylesberg i...
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Originally posted by Lylesberg i changed to Buttonrange for the time being and havent had any high CPU-usage sofar I tried this "ButtonRange" but had a problem with it showing actions in range that should've been not in range, use to use ActionButtonRecolor, but now use this RedRange and it's not using a lot, works fine actuall...
File: SimpleRepair02-05-09
game error upon logging in inte...
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game error upon logging in interface\AddOns\SimpleRepair\SimpleRepair.lua:31: attempt to call global 'LibStub' (a nil value)
File: Low Memory Chat02-05-09
Originally posted by jaliborc Not...
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Originally posted by jaliborc Not abandoned... I'm just busy with other mods right now. ah ok, well still works even with 3.0.8 :)
File: Buttonrange02-01-09
Originally posted by Ture I have...
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Originally posted by Ture I have been having problems on My hunter with this mod Not working at max range, I have 3 points in Hawkeye which increases range. I also have problems with everything being red when I am really close to the target but not quite in melee range. same issues
File: thek: Castbar01-29-09
Originally posted by thek Hi, my...
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Originally posted by thek Hi, my addon doesn't create any castbars, it makes them only dragable and extends them with a lagmeter and timer. The castbars itself are created by blizzards ui. Ok if that's the case, is there an option to disable the other cast bar drag/drop features in the core.LUA, except the player cast bar?
File: thek: Castbar01-28-09
Hello I like your addon but I only...
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Hello I like your addon but I only use the Player Casting Bar... there a way to "Hide" your other casting bars via the core.LUA if so, how please, or just have a core.LUA with only the Player Cast Bar? Thanks.
File: pError01-20-09
I'm curious, since it filters out t...
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I'm curious, since it filters out the errors from even displaying, where do they go instead? They still happen but are just "hidden"? Just curious was all. I added some errors to filter out and worked fine last night, thanks.
File: Low Memory Chat01-06-09
works with wotlk...but think since...
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works with wotlk...but think since no new replies possibly abandoned?
File: BuffSkin01-05-09
Love it, and got a dreamlayout text...
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Love it, and got a dreamlayout texture going for it which was what I enjoyed originally was "Dreambuff", long as you keep this updated I'll definitely keep using it, thank you; and I look forward to using this. Also you mentioned adding an option in the future to change the textures, that mean you'll be be rewriting the code so th...
File: thek: Castbar12-31-08
unable to move casting bar
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Hello I really like this addon however what I am finding is that I set the placement, and when I log in on one character the placement is fine, but another character it's off, so I do the /icb lock, move the bar frame but it doesn't move the actual frame and the cast bar stays in the same place, so I'm removing all the backup sav...
File: Movable Pet Bar12-20-08
Hello I'm going to try out your...
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Hello I'm going to try out your petbar, was using *CustomPetBar*, without any problems with wotlk but hasn't been updated in some time, you can Yahoo it, and check the Cache for Curse, as searching for it now, on Curse doesn't yield an addon. I'll let ya know if it's funky with something or I'm sure someone else will. Thank...
File: Dominos12-06-08
Dominos Casting Bar
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How would I go about using just the movable casting bar, or is that not possible, thanks.
File: Trav's Unit Frame Extensions11-17-08
I am finding that on the tooltips,...
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I am finding that on the tooltips, the health bars are colored White, rather than the usual Green... was wondering how I can get that Green color to display again... thanks for your time.
File: tekticles11-14-08
Great addon, thank you for creating...
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Great addon, thank you for creating it, I hope you keep it going with future patches. Thank you very much. :D
File: SellFish11-14-08
Not seeing this work with wotlk que...
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Not seeing this work with wotlk quest items, patiently waiting an update if there will be one
File: PhanxChat11-06-08
channels - shorten channel names an...
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channels - shorten channel names and chat strings I am finding this not working with: Trade LookingforGroup General Say Emotes Is that something that needs to be adjusted in the .lua? LookingForGroup comes out as: 3|
File: StellarBars11-03-08
Re: good~~!
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great addon it's be nice if the pet action bar was 'by itself' same with stance bar so it could be re sized separate from the main bar, regardless a good addon
File: TargetCharms11-02-08
11/2 16:46:16.750 An action was bl...
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11/2 16:46:16.750 An action was blocked because of taint from TargetCharms - LFGQuery() 11/2 16:46:16.750 Interface\FrameXML\LFGFrame.lua:478 SendLFGQuery() 11/2 16:46:16.750 Interface\FrameXML\LFGFrame.lua:28 LFGParentFrame_OnEvent() 11/2 16:46:16.750 LFGParentFrame:OnEvent() 11/2 16:46:17.875 Execution tainted...
File: MoveAnything11-02-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: TargetofTarget Moving Issue
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Originally posted by Wagthaa Update: Just wanted to ask if you also cleaned out your layout-cache/local? Not too savy on the mechanics of how it's all pieced together but how would layout/local cache's effect moveanything? I'll do that right now however and see if it works. Edit: deleted those and still does it for the...