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File: Combuctor01-07-09
Originally posted by Tuller The t...
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Originally posted by Tuller The trade tab should cover crafting bags. Logic is probably wrong on it, though :P I think i should clarify this, at least in my case specificly. Yes the trade tab will display whats in your trade specific bags such as a mining Bag. The problem I find lies in that for example: the Trade bag fills up...
File: Combuctor01-02-09
Re: Re: Mammoth mining bag
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Yes not being able to see what is in my mining bag specificly is anoying. Any hope of a tab for crafting bags in the future Tuller?
File: nUI12-17-08
Originally posted by spiel2001 No...
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Originally posted by spiel2001 No worries... all I ask is that people try ~smile~ Yes, as it turns out, this is a known issue and I am hoping to have if fixed in the next update. Just as an fyi incase no one has mentioned it, and it may help you track it down, this affects both my pld and druid and didnt have this issue in...
File: Scrap (Junk Seller)12-10-08
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Any plans on working in an autorepair feature? Its the one thing i really miss from garbage-fu
File: ItemRack11-19-08
Originally posted by Internet In...
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Originally posted by Internet In my Itemrack interface, the top buttons have no text on them and none of the scroll bars work. I have the same issue unfortunately
File: RicoMiniMap10-21-08
Is there an option built in to RMM...
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Is there an option built in to RMM to alow you to move the 'capping' bar that you get when capping towers in bg's etc? I like having a square minimap down at the bottom of the screen but that bar apears to be locked to the bottom of the minimap and then cannot be seen
File: Panda04-17-08
I get the "nil Value" error constan...
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I get the "nil Value" error constantly and panda dosnt seem to do anything other than produce errors for me. :( certainly not helping with prospect looting etc. Ill try to remember and get a bugsack copy pasted in here soon
File: LightHeaded03-27-08
The API changed.. LightHeaded doesn...
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The API changed.. LightHeaded doesn't "work" with other addons, they have to work with LightHeaded. Please contact that author and have them update. I hope they do Clad. I love lightheaded but no way im going back to the garbage blizz quest log or even doublewide. The loss of features gained from nquest, Qfu or just about any of t...
File: TinyTip03-01-08
im just using an earlier version, y...
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im just using an earlier version, yah for reg backing up my addons folder lol
File: FuBar - QuestsFu02-05-07
Originally posted by Öhrli That's...
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Originally posted by Öhrli That's also bugging me. Is there a way to put it back in the background? Agreed, i cant find a place in my ui where it dosnt cause me some issues with the addon overlying other parts of my ui. would like to see it go back to a low strata or even better an option to adjust it myself That not withst...