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Re: Re: In-combat vs. out-of-combat
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I really dont have a chance right now to work on those for you, and they won't work in the expansion anyway. As for WatchDog, it will work with almost no changes. Thanks for the heads-up on WD. As for the macros, I understand the existing simple if-thens won't work for BC, but I was under the impres...
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In-combat vs. out-of-combat
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Hi Claidhaire, With BC on the way, I'm planning on making much more use of click casting to help make up for the loss of autotargeting speed. A couple of months back, I'd asked in the regular WoW UI forum how to do varied functions based on combat status of the caster. You posted a bit of LUA code to make it work, but it's not in...