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File: MovePad04-14-11
Where are the strafe buttons ? O...
Posted By: ironfang
Where are the strafe buttons ? Or better yet why not redesign the onscreen keypad as a directional circle so the player can just hold the mouse button down and move it around inside the circle imitating a digital control pad
File: FlyoutButton Custom02-14-11
Nice I am going to have to give thi...
Posted By: ironfang
Nice I am going to have to give this mod I try once i get home from work I have been using Autobar for several years but it is a memory hog and I will much enjoy being able to drag/drop new abilities instead of using autobars clunky Ui Please add support for Dominos though
File: Skrumptex A skin for Btex10-25-10
This skin is a work in progress and...
Posted By: ironfang
This skin is a work in progress and has evolved over the last year. I started the project using Kg panels ended up converting to Btex however I still use Kgpanels for additional elements which Btex is unable to offer. Also as of 10/25/2010 Btex is bugged and to use this skin you must type /btex custom Enter the word skrump...
File: BTex09-13-10
Really hope you will be updating this for Cataclysm
Posted By: ironfang
Tested this on the 4.0 test realm and the artwork does not appear though no errors are popping up I am still able to access the configuration panel however.
File: Cartographer08-16-10
How is it that Cartographer no long...
Posted By: ironfang
How is it that Cartographer no longer works ? I just downloaded and installed it turned on all the the basic plug'ings other than poi,notes and the instance maps/loot So far it appears to be running correctly and I have received no errors without updating a single library. Oh and to the guy wanting to use the zoneinfo featur...
File: GadgetsOn'Stick08-03-10
Awesome mod though I would recommen...
Posted By: ironfang
Awesome mod though I would recommend adding 4 small features #1 A logbook for the last 10 whispers #2 A hover over guild listing like the one on Fubar #3 a Hover over Friends listing also like the one on Fubar Maybe in the future add broker support.
File: Finalflo UI07-27-10
Was wondering where the background...
Posted By: ironfang
Was wondering where the background textures are located as I would like to customize them for my personal use. Was also wondering if it is possible to hook more than a single actionbar to the slidebar on the right side as well as altering the artwork to fully incase the added bars
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced07-19-10
!0/25 heroic bug still happens in Toc
Posted By: ironfang
Well I followed your suggestion of deleting all atlasloot files including the Lua's and the problem still persists, I even tried the curse uninstaller just to make sure I had not missed anything.
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat06-26-10
Originally posted by funkydude By...
Posted By: ironfang
Originally posted by funkydude By adding WTB/WTS, all you'll ever see in trade is this "chat".... That was exactly what I wanted to achieve as on my server nobody ever uses the general chat channel Also if you did not notice I did not add the LFM tag because well those can actually be useful when I am personally looking for...
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat06-25-10
Thank you for this wonderful mod
Posted By: ironfang
Thank you thank you thank you. I added some of my own custom triggers WTB WTS LFG Xbox Zelda Samus You can only imagine how pleasant trade chat is for me now. Ps trade chat seems to be my servers primary chat channel that is why I added triggers for WTB/WTS
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced04-03-10
Originally posted by Latharus I a...
Posted By: ironfang
Originally posted by Latharus I am missing the horde/alliance selection from toc as well. You are right there is also a few more things I noticed when using v5.10.01 Trial of the crusader loot table issues #1 no longer able to select which faction you are #2 the Heroic checktab is missing #3 the 10/26 man toggle is also m...
File: Traveler01-28-10
Would be awesome if you could add a...
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Would be awesome if you could add a feature that shows other mages or any user of the addons as dots on the map/minimap Would help people to find each other and even let mages know if there is other mages in the area already. Not to mention it's a hell of a lot better than following coordinates
File: LFDAutoJoin01-23-10
Thanks a Ton
Posted By: ironfang
Thanks a ton I really enjoy getting stuck with afk Dps in my groups many of which will not return for 5+ minutes forcing the group to wait for them. Maybe you should have it target the nearest player and set them to autofollow as well because you know it really sucks when a group leaves you behind while afk and it sucks for them a...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore10-09-09
Originally posted by AnrDaemon De...
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Define "standard"? Or better, read addon FAQ? Standard as in the same way wow-heros.com does it. wow-heros.coms gear score system is what the majority of people expect you to give them.
File: DamageMeters12-31-06
Posted By: ironfang
Can you please bring back the Fubar plugin for this mod