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File: Bongos205-24-07
Bongos 2 Description
Posted By: Lonarms
If the XP/Map bars aren't coming back, perhaps they should be removed from the description... :cool:
File: Bongos205-24-07
Minimap Button
Posted By: Lonarms
Originally posted by Tuller Yeah my bad. Its definitely fixed in 1.3 :) I went in and changed the default setting in the code :)
File: RatingBuster04-29-07
Same Here!
Posted By: Lonarms
Went back to previous version.
File: Auditor04-22-07
Importing Accountant Data
Posted By: Lonarms
Actually, someone JUST updated accountant. The ability to import is why I started using this FU Bar mod in the first place! :) OK, the import didn't work, but I was able to do it by hand. The amount of gold that has gone through my toon's hands... le sigh.
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic02-01-07
Underspore Pod
Posted By: Lonarms
Underspore Pod My bear will eat these, but FoM doesn't see them as pet food. I'm THINKING it goes in the Fungus category.
File: Bongos201-11-07
Posted By: Lonarms
Reverted to 6.12.14 and it all worked well again. I had nothing bound through Bongos except the main (Bar 1, buttons 1-12) action bar. Being a hunter I had no stances. Have yet to try 7.1.11
File: QuestAnnouncer12-07-06
Current Version
Posted By: Lonarms
THe current version (0.3b) complains DewDrop is required. back to 0.3a for me...