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File: ArmorCraft (Fan Update)08-25-08
Suggestion and bug
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
I really like the idea of this mod. I have a suggestion, however. The target function does not seem to be working for me on the beta, and I do have your cash addon loaded, "AC: Error ArmorCraftCache doesn't know NAME" And I have inspected the person, unless I am doing something wrong, I do not know why it is not working. Also, s...
File: LiteTip08-23-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Your 'lil tooltip mod could have an anchor, where the tooltips hows up, or chose under mouse.
File: LiteTip08-22-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
I was going to inform you about your fix of "* Fixed issue with displaying player tooltip when hovering over buffs" but you put it in the change log, however the "LiteTip-0.2.zip" file has "##Version: 0.1a" in its .toc file, and the buff tooltip issue is still present; I think you uploaded the old file accidentally.
File: Attack Bar Timer08-21-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Pets! Yes. I have a hunter, and a 'swing timer' for my pet would be great.
File: Grid08-20-08
Re: Grid and mousebindings.
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Nyman I've a problem with grid.. I've Divine Favor bound to mouse button 5 (side button off the mouse) and whenever I mouseover someone in raid (@ grid) nothing happens when I press Mouse5. When I move mouse away from gridframe I pop Divine Favor as it should. I've tested to turn off ALL addons except Gri...
File: CraftyGnome06-06-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
At line 370, a call to let the player know that someone has quarried the player, as whispers are hidden, like this: local query = select(3, msg:find("^!%S+%s(.*)")) if query then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("< CraftyCnome > "..player.." quarried : "..msg)
File: NameViolation05-23-08
Black List
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Black List, http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/9054/, is an addon that I believe you, Wachunga, may glean some ideas off of for your addon. Basicly, Black List is an addon that adds a new players list (called "Black") to your Friends Tab on the Social Panel, near Friend List, Ignore List and Mute List. It also has some things lik...
File: NameViolation05-20-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Wachunga, may you name the .zips with the version number in them? May you also use the "## Version: xx.xx" field in the .toc file? This would allow us, the developmental community, keep track of the reversions. Also, I believe the site 'might' have a problem with the zips if they are all named the same thing.
File: NameViolation05-19-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
On 1.42, the list does not seem to clear if I report, log off, and then log back on and the ticket has been filled, thus leading me to reporting the same people multiple times.. I have to manually clear the first few entries to move on.
File: NameViolation05-15-08
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
1) Time-stamps I believe you could add time stamps for the following circumstances: a) When someone was added to the report list b) Last time a person was reported on said realm c) This would allow one to track how recent it has been since they reported someone, and let them report them again if they see said person has not...
File: NameViolation05-15-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Report methods
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Wachunga 1.42 is now up. This should fix any issues with replacing enchants. Thanks for those bug reports, chinadrum and EvilCrew. Thanks for the clarification. The name limit is actually at the request of GM Syndri (see http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=5784380534). I suppose an email...
File: NameViolation05-13-08
Re: Re: Report methods
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Wachunga Unfortunately, there's no way to directly modify the clipboard (I assume that's what you meant) within the game. However, you can always copy and paste the generated report from WoW into an email by using alt-tab or whatever to switch out of the game. Does that address your request, or did I misunde...
File: NameViolation05-12-08
Report methods
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
I would like to see an option in this addon that would allow one to cut and paste all of the names in the cash, so one may email said list to [email protected] This would be wonderful so I do not have to devote my tickets to name violations of my realm. Wonderful addon by the way, it makes name reporting more simple now. ~Mike
File: SimpleMail07-06-07
Great mod, Sebbs! I would recrem...
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Great mod, Sebbs! I would recremend pairing this with my mail mod, Auto Mail Director , as you have said, "I use SimpleMail as the other half of Auto Mail Director."
File: Guild Quests04-23-07
Love It, I have a bug fix
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
If GuildQuests is enabled, and the player is not in guild, the addon at the current state will execute 'SendAddonMessage()' to the guild channel, and if the user is not in a guild then many, "You are not in a guild." will be spammed at many times.. whenever a quest's status is updated, or sometimes dozens of these messages when it is...
File: SpamSentry04-06-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: This message is not blocked by the filter
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Anea ..there should be an option "report spam" in bright red... :confused: Thanks for the mod, in the latest version, there is the option now.. It will still be good nevertheless to have '/ss report ', so if the name-link is not aviable, or whatnot, or you could be like me and type something out con...
File: SpamSentry03-28-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: This message is not blocked by the filter
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Anea To manually report a player that hasn't been caught by SpamSentry, you only need to rightclick the player's name and select "report". I don't have that option, when right clicking the name, is there some other way to my add them to the repport list?
File: SpamSentry03-27-07
Re: Re: This message is not blocked by the filter
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by Anea Hello Mike, As far as I can see the mod should properly detect this message, so like you say, the chinese characters are probably messing things up. To be able to adapt the filters I'd like some extra information if possible: - first manually report the spammer - second: type /sentry spam feedback
File: SpamSentry03-26-07
This message is not blocked by the filter
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Note the strangely encoded character that default to '?', I cut 'n pasted this I think it is a Chinese character, worst thing, it has been spammed to trade many times today.. I am using version 20070303 of this addon. --- 6 14:19:| : BUY C?heapest G?old @ ww?w.TERRABLAST.COM @ $ 17.640 / 10?0 G > Accept Cr?edit Cards + PayPal...
File: Mac Automator Backup Scripts02-22-07
Re: lovely
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by kappe tks a lot! Your welcome, I have had some of these scripts running in the background, finally got around to getting it distributed.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu02-01-07
How to unlock the track quests frame.
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
What I had to do to unlock my quest frame, after I figured out witch addon was causing the trouble... The option to unlock it should also be in the FuBar Frame.. 1) Make sure WoW is not running 2) Open your saved Variables folder in your text editor and find QuestFu.lua, mine is in /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft/WTF/Account/A...
File: Auto Mail Director01-28-07
Re: Wonderful, EXCEPT
Posted By: Mike-N-Go
Originally posted by seebs You really, really, shouldn't put text in messages. Messages with text do not auto-delete when you take the item. A bank with 100 items in the mailbox to grab does not want to hit "delete" 100 times. I use the AddOn to manage my inventory of 100s of items; that is why I made it. I use CT_MailMod, wi...