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File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter12-01-14
Pushed out a quick fix update to fi...
Posted By: funkydude
Pushed out a quick fix update to filter the new image abuse in trade (no reporting).
File: LittleWigs11-22-14
Delete your LittleWigs folder(s) an...
Posted By: funkydude
Delete your LittleWigs folder(s) and reinstall it. Are you sure you have errors turned on? Interface Options > Help > Enable Lua error. Not sure why, but LittleWigs only seems to work once per session for me. I can only play through one dungeon with it functioning, then it wont load for subsequent dungeons. I checked the mod...
File: StatBlockCore (Display)11-11-14
Mouseover it and scroll your mousew...
Posted By: funkydude
Mouseover it and scroll your mousewheel. How to change width of each broker? I'm want see text of broker in one line.
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-26-14
Where are you downloading it from?...
Posted By: funkydude
Where are you downloading it from? You're either using an ancient version or some modified version. The latest epgp from Curse does not suffer from this issue. Big Wigs: The addon 'epgp' is forcing Big Wigs to load prematurely, notify the Big Wigs authors!
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-22-14
You don't. The options reflect the...
Posted By: funkydude
You don't. The options reflect the functionality the module provides. Hello, I would like to ask about specific options on certain boss. For Example, when I go to siege of orgrimmar then a to a certain boss, then a specific ability, sometimes it has flash, sometimes it say say, sometimes it has only emphasize. but what if an abili...
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-19-14
The default Blizzard raid frames in...
Posted By: funkydude
The default Blizzard raid frames indicate who is in a phase. If your unit/raid frame addon doesn't do this, turn it on, or ask for it to be implemented. Sorry if my question wasn't clear, English is not my forte, what I meant was, not that BigWigs decides who goes in, I meant by my question, is to show (Who actually is inside righ...
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-16-14
BigWigs doesn't decide who should g...
Posted By: funkydude
BigWigs doesn't decide who should go in, that's up to your raid to decide. You can use the BigWigs AltPower display to help you see who has a lot of corruption. hey, I recently switched to bigwigs, can I ask how to see the people going into the other realms on Norushon? I'm sure they must be shown, but I can't see the list of names
File: oRA310-16-14
Fixed in latest release. thx for...
Posted By: funkydude
Fixed in latest release. thx for update, but.
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-14-14
The latest Big Wigs introduces a br...
Posted By: funkydude
The latest Big Wigs introduces a break timer. Try: /break 5 for a 5 minute break timer complete with warnings. This will sync with the raid and also be sent to DBM users.
File: BigWigs Bossmods09-01-14
Re: Lich King Module
Posted By: funkydude
Update your BigWigs_WrathOfTheLichKing. Got this error in ICC 26 Heroic today Big Wigs: Module "Deathbringer Saurfang" tried to register an invalid spell id (72443) to event "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED". 10:02 Big Wigs: Module "Deathbringer Saurfang" tried to register an invalid spell id (72442) to event "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED". 10:02 B...
File: BasicChatMods02-21-14
The default UI already does that as...
Posted By: funkydude
The default UI already does that as of 5.4.7. Any chance you could add a module to strip/stop -RealmName displaying from same realm players?
File: BasicChatMods01-23-14
Could I allow it? Yes. Does it make...
Posted By: funkydude
Could I allow it? Yes. Does it make sense? Not as far as I can see. You'd need to convince me of that. A UI is meant to be consistent, I don't see why someone would want different fonts on different chat windows. Different alignments doesn't break consistency. For example, you might want a left, middle, and right alignment for pla...
File: BasicBuffs12-09-13
Sounds like there's something wrong...
Posted By: funkydude
Sounds like there's something wrong with your setup. I suggest you reinstall. Hey mate, every single reload the buff frame starts again unlocked in the middle of the screen. Is it possible to save it's position? Cheers.
File: BigWigs Bossmods11-26-13
Norushen AltPower
Posted By: funkydude
While we've had AltPower support for a few weeks now, we hadn't yet enabled it for Norushen due to issues with the encounter itself. The Blizzard power function returns false values for anyone other than yourself (it randomly gets stuck at 75), you may have noticed this if you've been looking at your unit frames or another addon that...
File: BigWigs Bossmods11-26-13
This is somewhat improved in the la...
Posted By: funkydude
This is somewhat improved in the latest release (we only open proximity when it's close to Catalyst) Any plans on allowing us to emphasize when Xaril the Poisoned Mind (Siege of Org: Paragons of Klaxxi) is casting a Catalyst that would affect us? (Especially for heroic mode when its Orange/Purple/Green)
File: BigWigs Bossmods11-06-13
why do you have seperate folders fo...
Posted By: funkydude
why do you have seperate folders for bw/core/options/plugins? It's the system Blizzard forces us to use to keep code out of RAM until it's needed.
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-08-13
Re: pull timers
Posted By: funkydude
You can read our slash commands by opening the config panel, which includes a pull timer that gets sent to BW and DBM users. first love this addon way better then DBM. Second thing is as a tank i need a pull timer which you dont have i was wondering if you might include one. i hate having to have DBM and BW at the same time just f...
File: BigWigs Bossmods10-07-13
Added in latest release :) Anywa...
Posted By: funkydude
Added in latest release :) Anyway you could add the ability for all text to go monochrome? Instead of just the messages? Currently the bars do not offer that option.
File: BigWigs Bossmods09-19-13
Re: Kor'Kron Dark Shaman
Posted By: funkydude
Added for next release. The Ashen Wall ability (starts from 50% boss health) does not appear to be included in BigWigs - The majority of my guild had to switch to DBM for this fight, but we'd prefer to stick with BigWigs
File: BigWigs Bossmods09-14-13
Re: German SiegeOfOrgrimmar
Posted By: funkydude
Should be fixed in the latest version. Some letters in the German locales are not working right they are showing up as ? in all massages
File: SexyMap08-01-13
"Guild Dungeon Difficulty Indicator...
Posted By: funkydude
"Guild Dungeon Difficulty Indicator". I love this addon, but I can't and will not use it until you have an option to hide the 'guild group' flag for raids, dungeons, and scenarios.
File: BasicChatMods05-22-13
Does it happen with only BCM enable...
Posted By: funkydude
Does it happen with only BCM enabled? Hi, get permanently this since last update for 5.3
File: SexyMap05-16-13
You should cycle through the "prese...
Posted By: funkydude
You should cycle through the "presets" dropdowns. I would like to get ahold of that minimalistic profile that is on the picture, would be awsome, anyone have it?
File: BigWigs Bossmods04-11-13
v4.2 (r10768+) Added Ra-den module...
Posted By: funkydude
v4.2 (r10768+) Added Ra-den module Added automatic role updating feature Added the ability to have emphasize countdown on by default Added the sounds used by DBM to the sound dropdown list Added option to change the color/alpha of the bar text shadow Changed, emphasize countdown is enabled by default for some boss abilities Ch...
File: BigWigs Bossmods04-02-13
v4.1 (r10633) Added a dual spec, a...
Posted By: funkydude
v4.1 (r10633) Added a dual spec, auto profile-swapping feature. Added a bunch of off-by-default auto marking into boss modules that were previously separate addons e.g. Tortos, Lei Shi Added an "Align" option for the BW message frame. Added a new bar style, "MonoUI". Added ability to temp-emphasize test & custom bars. Added pla...