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File: Minimal Archaeology12-14-10
Nice addon, I'm testing it out righ...
Posted By: Thrinwizzle
Nice addon, I'm testing it out right now. Here are some feature requests: 1) use LDB instead of rolling your own interface window. I'd love there to be a minimal stub on my screen (I use fortress) that shows me the miniarch window when I mouse over it. Bonus points if you set the status text in the ldb stub to be your progress in...
File: Quick Auctions 302-20-10
QA and Beancounter?
Posted By: Thrinwizzle
Ever since I started using QA, it seems that my beancounter database isn't updating. Does anyone else have this issue? Any ideas for a work-around? Disabling QA is kind of a bummer, since I don't want to keep reloading my UI. EDIT - it's not QA3 after all. Disabling QA3 and Postal doesn't fix this problem, so nevermind.
File: LightHeaded11-13-07
Gotta say, this is one of the most...
Posted By: Thrinwizzle
Gotta say, this is one of the most useful addons ever. It completely changed the way I play WoW, especially when I was leveling up my first alt. Now that 2.3 is out, I'm ready to level a new alt, and LightHeaded is going to play a significant role in that!
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window09-27-07
Yeah, I get the crasher as well. Du...
Posted By: Thrinwizzle
Yeah, I get the crasher as well. Dunno what's causing it, it looks like some kind of font problem (since the module that actually crashes in game is the fontmetrics module, IIRC)