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File: ElvUI Shadow & Light07-02-17
http://imgur.com/a/fwCq7 How...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
http://imgur.com/a/fwCq7 How do I get rid of what I have edged red? if you haven't figured this out yet, that looks like either bigwigs or dbm, counting down to your record kill time for that boss. check the settings for whichever one you have installed for how to deactivate it or move it.
File: ElvUI Shadow & Light06-29-17
Posted By: Tyrasmira
so where is s&l's homepage? i ask because 3.26 is up on curse, while both tukui and wowint are on 3.25. so should i be getting s&l from curse to be sure that i always get the latest build?
File: Clique04-18-07
minor issue when i try to rebind...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
minor issue when i try to rebind "show menu", i get a message that says "You must supply a menu function for action type "menu."", and it won't let me save the change...so i can't bind anything to right click without losing the menu and it's not a conflict...i turned all other mods off to try to fix it
File: Elkano's BuffBars03-15-07
under the current release, is it po...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
under the current release, is it possible to have the buffbar in different places per character? i moved them on one of my characters, and they moved on my main's interface as well. how can i stop this? :3
File: Elkano's BuffBars03-10-07
all right, for those of you who wan...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
all right, for those of you who want to perl-ize ebb, download Deadly Bossmods (you don't have to use them, just get the files...you want one of them)...if you have extracted them, take the .tga file (if you can't view .tga files, here http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Graphics_Viewers/Photo_Gadget_Viewer_Dow...
File: Elkano's BuffBars01-08-07
i modified my elkano's buffbars to...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
i modified my elkano's buffbars to look like perl...is there interest in that? i could post a brief explanation of how to do it, if there is. http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h8/Tyrasmira/WoWScrnShot_010807_085701.jpg
File: Elkano's BuffBars01-08-07
Originally posted by Bleedman Thi...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
Originally posted by Bleedman This addon is really good and just what I was looking for espeacially the bar going down according to the time left on the buff,debuff etc but I was wondering is this addon SUPPOSED to REPLACE the default Blizzard buff status on the top or is it not?...Becuase when i installed it and used it I had this...
File: Clique01-08-07
Originally posted by XMushroom Ca...
Posted By: Tyrasmira
Originally posted by XMushroom Can this mod take use of a mouse with either five or seven buttons? Currently I just have the typical the click mouse(left, right, middle) Could you assign other spells to the other mouse buttons? Can some software of the mouse be programmed that a press of a button would equal lets say, ctr...