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File: GoGoMount06-08-11
It looks like Mount Exclusions aren...
Posted By: Niobium
It looks like Mount Exclusions aren't working at all anymore. I have about 10-12 mounts in the list and they all show up semi-regularly. This is a change from the last version, where I'd only see an excluded mount show up once in a while. Anyone else running into this?
File: GoGoMount11-26-10
The Exclusion list seems to be limi...
Posted By: Niobium
The Exclusion list seems to be limited to about 7 mounts. If I add an 8th, one of the 7 is bumped off. Can we get this extended? I have about 12+ mounts I'd like excluded.
File: cargoHonor02-16-10
Any possibility of an update? It do...
Posted By: Niobium
Any possibility of an update? It doesn't seem to be synched to the current BG holiday anymore. (Mine was claiming SotA this whole weekend but it was AV.)
File: HealBot Continued08-12-09
I seem to be having a new problem...
Posted By: Niobium
I seem to be having a new problem with macros. If I have a macro in for a spell, it won't target the person I use the key combo for. Even a simple macro like: /cast YourHealSpell doesn't target the person and cast. I've confirmed even this simple macro works fine outside of Healbot. Any ideas what might be wrong?
File: HealBot Continued07-22-09
Re: Re: Re: Cures?
Posted By: Niobium
Edit: I rolled back to 3.1.2, but I think the problem does have to do with the need to specifically identify the cure spell--I am not sure why that's required, even if you're not binding it, but apparently it is. At any rate, thank you Xrystal!
File: HealBot Continued07-22-09
Re: Cures?
Posted By: Niobium
I am having the same problem as listed below by the Shaman and curing, although for my paladin, it's been everything. I've had to add every single spell from the Ulduar mobs and bosses to the cure list, otherwise nothing lists or changes the UI to alert. This is using the mod exactly as it comes, with zero setup changes. Any idea wha...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-21-09
Quick question, and I may just have...
Posted By: Niobium
Quick question, and I may just have missed this--does X-Perl support the new Arena UFs that Blizzard just added in? They don't seem to be listed in the options anywhere, but maybe I am missing something. These are enemy UFs, which in the default UI show up on the right-hand side.
File: FocusFrame11-04-08
Re: Re: Re: Version 2.4.4
Posted By: Niobium
Originally posted by Tageshi Please identify what add-on is conflicting by turning all your add-ons disabled, and turning those enabled one by one. Well, amusingly enough--I went through this, and couldn't get it to happen. And now, it's not happening at all. Thanks anyways. :>
File: FocusFrame10-23-08
Re: Version 2.4.4
Posted By: Niobium
Tageshi, Since no one else has reported this I am gonna guess it's a mod compatibility problem, but I am wondering if you might have an idea of what would do this. Periodically, and for seemingly no reason, my FocusFrame will look like this: http://img511.imageshack.us/my.php?image=focusframeweirdlt1.jpg Any idea what might...
File: Capping10-18-08
Originally posted by totalpackage...
Posted By: Niobium
Originally posted by totalpackage Ah, you're right. They changed the variable name and location on me. Anyway, I completely removed Capping's option to auto show the zone map in battlegrounds since it was redundant. Thank very much Total.
File: Capping10-17-08
That's not a bug. I believe you ha...
Posted By: Niobium
That's not a bug. I believe you have the Zone Map set to "Always Show" on the World Map (the top left corner dropdown menu). I checked and actually, even stranger, I had it set to "never show". I changed it to "Show in Battlegrounds" and then when I zoned out of AB it was still there, so I switched it back to "Never" and then ho...
File: Ion: Menu Bar10-17-08
I wanted to doublecheck that this i...
Posted By: Niobium
I wanted to doublecheck that this is how you edit the microbar (i.e. menubar), since I am helping someone out on this. --> I just found the post that explains this. :> Can you maybe add it to the FAQ? @Radz - Removing individual buttons is not in yet. However, there is a way to manipulate it to get what you want. type /mac...
File: Capping10-16-08
Total I just wanted to say thank yo...
Posted By: Niobium
Total I just wanted to say thank you so much for keeping this up; I'm a bigtime BGer and this is my BFF. Edit: One small but odd bug, for some reason the zone map is not closing when the BG ends. So eg. when I exit EotS from queueing in Shattrath, I have a Shattrath zone map.
File: Ion: Menu Bar10-16-08
Re: Cast bar
Posted By: Niobium
Originally posted by smithtad Is there a way to hide the default cast bar when using the Macaroon cast bar? It should be going away on its own if you've enabled the "hide WoW UI" (or whatever it's named, it's in the Main Menu) option. Rather, that's how I got rid of it. @Niobium - Yes! Going to add this to the FAQ Enter butt...
File: Ion: Menu Bar10-15-08
Is there a wat to lengthen the XP b...
Posted By: Niobium
Is there a wat to lengthen the XP bar (i.e. widen it)? That used to be done with button count but now it's not working. I don't want to make it bigger, which is what scale does, just longer.
File: Omen Threat Meter10-14-08
No FuBar plugin? :(
Posted By: Niobium
No FuBar plugin? :(
File: Trinket Menu05-19-08
Originally posted by thebum Doesn...
Posted By: Niobium
Originally posted by thebum Doesn't work. Pressing shift, ctrl or alt closes down the key bindings window. Actually upon re-reading his post, he is saying hold down Control/Shift/Alt, then click the one you want to bind, then click the combo key. So, hold down shift, then click "bind", then click eg. F1. I will have to try t...
File: Trinket Menu05-17-08
Can something be done about the Key...
Posted By: Niobium
Can something be done about the Key Bindings not allowing control, shift, or alt to be used? I have had a shift- and shift- method for my 2 trinkets in place for years now, and not being able to bind them is very frustrating. When I go to bind any shift, alt, or control key combo in the Trinket Menu binding interface, pressing any...
File: Trinket Menu05-22-07
Will there be a new version availab...
Posted By: Niobium
Will there be a new version available for this patch? I haven't been able to use it on the PTR at all; it won't swap trinkets and the keybindings no longer function. The interface loads, but most of its functionality appears to be erroring out.
File: Bongos205-14-07
A small question...
Posted By: Niobium
Not to be another Trinity Refugee...but let's face it I am in fact a Trinity Refugee! Bongos looks to do everything I needed from Trinity except one small thing: I like to be able to arrange buttons in arcs and circles without having to anchor numerous single-button bars. (I.e. not have circles skinned but for the bar to display t...