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File: Bazooka03-09-18
Garrison Resources?
Posted By: Sillysith
Is there a plugin to include garrison resources?
File: Low HP Alert09-08-15
My Low hp keeps going off (inconsis...
Posted By: Sillysith
My Low hp keeps going off (inconsistently) whenever my travel movements cross over channels. The audio alarm goes off and multiple low-health percentages pop up on my screen but there is no reason for it. Swatter is not catching any error message that I can see so I don't know why it's doing this. Has this been reported before? It's...
File: EasyMail from Cosmos03-21-15
Button overlap conflict with "notes" mod from curse
Posted By: Sillysith
Notes (Curse) is competing with easymail from cosmos for the same spot to put a customized button resulting in overlapping of buttons. Notes mod want to put a save to note button whereas easymail from cosmos is trying to put it's forward button in the same space. I will post this on other site for their info.
File: Altoholic07-03-14
Re Mstieler's comment - would like to add to it
Posted By: Sillysith
Please accept my deepest condolences on your loss. Loosing a parent and sibling is very distressful to the soul. I can empathize with you. /hug mstieler wrote: Is there any possibility of getting Altoholic to treat connected realms as the same realms for item tooltip counts and such? Or for grouping of connected servers...
File: Sorren's Timers01-11-07
SorrenTimersTooltip:SetOwner(): Can't set owner to self
Posted By: Sillysith
is there a patch/fix for this yet to download? _______________________ ok i don't understand what to change in the xml file. Could you copy/paste ALL text from it (since it's not big at all) here so I can do same? Thanks!