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File: Bongos210-07-07
Re: Actionbartooltips +Cowtip
Posted By: flaicher
Originally posted by acidstorm Hi, I'm having a problem since the last patch, when i hover over one of my actionbarbuttons the tooltip keeps flashing between the position i have set at cowtip(top right of my cusor) and what i think is the standard tooltip position in the lower right corner. After doing a little research i found...
File: Skillet10-02-07
Re: Re: Whoa
Posted By: flaicher
Originally posted by nogudnik I *might* have this fixed in the next version. Can you check my reply to Samasnier and see if the same situation might apply to you. I just updated my Ace addons and it works, unless i open another profession window. Got no idea what the bug was.
File: Skillet10-01-07
Posted By: flaicher
I just have one problem, when i queue 4 Deadly Poisons and 4 Instant Poisons and visit a Poison Supplier Skillet doesn't buy mats automatically, nor it will show the "buy mats" button. Otherwise keep the good work up :D Waiting for wowace hosting though :)
File: Geist09-20-07
Posted By: flaicher
Great replacement for MazzleUI's "contex menu" since i stopped using Mazzle
File: Fizzwidget FactionFriend03-25-07
Re: Re: Wildhammer Clan
Posted By: flaicher
Originally posted by RedLegg Blizzard removed the faction turn-ins in Hinterlands. they removed the whole Wildhammer Clan faction.. and i were nearly revered with them :(