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File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant11-15-14
I'm thinking one of the map librari...
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I'm thinking one of the map libraries is screwed up. I'm having the same problem with Archy and a few other like addons... Everything's pointing to the wrong area. The other problem is that there is no data listed for any of the Draenor digsites. Unknowns for site type and location. Everything else works though. Although I do...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant01-05-11
Originally posted by Codex Archy...
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Originally posted by Codex Archy is currently causing noticable FPS drop from 60 to down to 5 when zone coordinates go to 0,0 Try this: Go to the pumpkin patch in northern stormwind, and enable coordinates. You should be at 57,6. Now fly north for about 5 seconds toward the mountains and watch coordinates. As soon as coordinates...
File: HandyNotes (tempfix)12-17-10
Finally! My Notes don't stick to me...
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Finally! My Notes don't stick to me anymore! :banana: Thank You so much!!
File: QuestGuru12-14-10
Re: Re: Causes problems with Overachiever
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Originally posted by weasoug yes i have the same prob. i just opened up the SV and reoved the trcked acvs. for now. i did think it was Overachiever but it seems to be guru. i hope its fixed soon. ty/ I also have this problem. Took me a little bit to find out what was causing it, but it's definitely QG. Could remove achievements...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-13-10
Very cool and useful addon. :D T...
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Very cool and useful addon. :D The only thing that I would change is to list the sites in STV as being in "Northern Stranglethorn" or "Cape of Stranglethorn", instead of just "Stranglethorn Vale".
File: Ara Broker Reputations12-09-10
One small request
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Ever since BC I've been using FactionsFu, but with the 4.0.1 release, FuBar finally died. So I've been using this time to switch over to Data Broker stuff and found replacements for pretty much everything. This addon is perfect, (here it comes ;)) except for missing one feature of FactionsFu. In it you were able to mark factions...
File: LootWatch05-22-09
1. Very cool addon. ^_^ 2. While...
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1. Very cool addon. ^_^ 2. While grinding for some rep, I found out that the addon doesn't track items that are on your keychain. If it's not a difficult thing to add, it would be appreciated. ;)