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File: X-Perl UnitFrames11-01-08
Health doesn't update correctly in...
Posted By: Dysthymia
Health doesn't update correctly in pvp or duels. Sometimes people show up as 0% hp or very low when you target them, when they actually have full hp, and their health doesn't update until they lose/gain health.
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)07-15-07
Thanks for the update. Can't live w...
Posted By: Dysthymia
Thanks for the update. Can't live without Itemrack. :) About those two addons you mentioned, the UI Profiler and the Sunder/Devestate addon, will you post these in the future? The Sunder/Devestate addon sounds very interesting. :D
File: AutoMountEquip03-29-07
Nice addon, but it's kind of slow w...
Posted By: Dysthymia
Nice addon, but it's kind of slow when switching your mount gear. E.g. As a warrior, if you dismount then charge a mob, then you're still wearing your mount gear when you reach the mob, which is kind of annoying. My ping is 65ms at the moment, so I doubt it is a server lag issue. Also it seems "/ame messages" prints out the wro...
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-09-07
Awesome addon! :) However, in th...
Posted By: Dysthymia
Awesome addon! :) However, in the latest 4.1 version, whenever I get critted by a mob, it doesn't show the crit, but instead a "Pet %a" shows up. I'm a warrior, so no pets by the way.
File: Nameplates Modifier02-22-07
Great addon. :) However in 2.0.2...
Posted By: Dysthymia
Great addon. :) However in 2.0.2 you get this error when you logout: : Nameplates\Dongle.lua:262: attempt to index global 'self' (a nil value)