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File: LightHeaded03-29-08
Search for a quest you dont have
Posted By: dakishman
Is there a way that LightHeaded can search for a quest by name? or a mod that I can install as an addition to allow this. If not can it pls be added, would be a great help for helping other guildmembers, or finding where quests are...
File: SSPVP312-09-07
Little help?
Posted By: dakishman
Hey. New to SSPVP not sure if it will do what I want. Where can I find a manual or instructions for it?
File: Cartographer05-30-07
hey guys! I'm sure u get this alot...
Posted By: dakishman
hey guys! I'm sure u get this alot but I LOVE cartographer! Having a slight problem though... A guildie of mine really wants to use cartographer, but keep the standard WoW gui he has. Is there a package containing all the nessasary Libs and files needed that he can download and install to get it working??? We tried going to...
File: LightHeaded05-27-07
OMG this is AWSOME!!! is there a w...
Posted By: dakishman
OMG this is AWSOME!!! is there a way to have it auto update? like a third party softweare that will auto download and install info? Also is there somthing like this for allakazam? They seem to be the most reliable to me soo far. Love the work.